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The dawn of an era, available and emulated in your browser to play.

A few months ago there was a list of links to classic video game emulators posted. Very recently, I'm pleased to report, those links all came true. The Internet Archive bespoke upon aforementioned consoles, computers, and mileposts on our way to the tech utopia of today, (seriously, where's my flying car?) and they asked us to do something: Imagine every computer that ever existed, literally, in your browser. And it was so. I have absolutely no affiliation with jscott, btw. Thought I should disclose that.
posted by jdaura on Oct 25, 2013 - 37 comments

"You people should spend less time in front of a bloody screen and more time ... reading real things."

Nomen Ludi. Rob Beschizza, gadget blogger for Boing Boing and previously for Wired, writes about his quest for the completion of an eight-bit game that no one else remembers, and the lost programmer who wrote it.
posted by Halloween Jack on Jun 1, 2010 - 42 comments

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