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Target: 1 billion stars

The European Space Agency will be launching the Gaia Mission on December 12 It's mission? To get high res pics of 100 billion stars. But that is only the beginning of the coolness of the Gaia mission. It will have two telescopes projecting onto a single camera's CCD. The heat shield that protects the instruments will also generate power for the telescope. And it's destination is L2. But is that an American billion or a European billion? What? I don't know that! ...ahhh!
posted by BillW on Oct 29, 2013 - 30 comments

Freedom From Famine - The Norman Borlaug Story

A documentary film about Norman Borlaug, the Iowa farm boy who saved over a billion people from starvation. (1:06:47) Americans have little knowledge of one of their greatest sons. Why do schoolchildren in China, India, Mexico, and Pakistan know the name and work of Nobel Peace Prize winner [His speech] Norman Borlaug while so few of his countrymen have never heard of him? How did a dirt-poor farm boy from rural Iowa grow up to save a billion people worldwide from starvation and malnutrition and become the father of the Green Revolution? What were the inherited traits and environmental factors that shaped his astonishing journey and led to successes that surprised even him? What can we learn from his life and views that might help the human race survive the next critical century? [more inside]
posted by Blasdelb on Jan 28, 2013 - 84 comments

That's a big number

"Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space. " -- Douglas Adams [more inside]
posted by SpacemanStix on Dec 2, 2010 - 73 comments

The $600 Billion Challenge

"Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett are asking the nation's billionaires to pledge ... at least half their net worth to charity, in their lifetimes or at death."
posted by grumblebee on Jun 16, 2010 - 145 comments

Some Big Numbers

Millions and Millions (Last pixel sold on Sun, 1 Jan 2006) and Millions (previously) and millions (previously) and Billions and Billions. How many millions How many Billions? Trillion (previously). and remember when Google was just a huge number? A Bajillion? And of course a Brazillian.
posted by Monkey0nCrack on Dec 13, 2006 - 24 comments

One Billion Page Views

AJ Needs 650,000 more page views, and only you can help.
posted by jonson on Mar 1, 2006 - 47 comments

One Billion Mazes

One Billion Mazes This site contains one billion mazes in high-quality printable PDF format. You may view, print and solve these mazes... and yes, there are exactly one billion mazes!
posted by ajbattrick on Feb 20, 2006 - 43 comments

Bye bye Webvan.

Bye bye Webvan. "Although Webvan would be just one of hundreds of dot-com companies to go out of business, its story is somewhat unique. Webvan was one of the most well funded of all the dot-com companies, having raised, and burned through, around $1 billion in financing."
posted by maura on Jul 9, 2001 - 56 comments

Who wants to be a...Grab.com is giving away $1 Billion

Who wants to be a...Grab.com is giving away $1 Billion Grab.com, an email marketing company announced it would give $1 Billion to the player who selects the same series of seven numbers between one and 77 that Grab.com picks at random on Dec. 28.

As the article points out, the odds of any one individual claiming the $1 billion prize are a subatomic 1 in 2,404,808,340. Compared to the chance that Berkshire Hathaway will have to cough up $1 billion this year to cover one of its natural disaster insurance policies which is something like 1 in 100.
posted by brian on Oct 9, 2000 - 17 comments

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