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This Blog will self destruct in less than twelve hours

Another blogger gets fired for blogging. Blogebrity is reporting that the latest victim is Jessa Jeffries whose blog Jessaisms got her booted. But mysteriously there is no explaination on her blog as to what her offense was and a cached version reveals nothing negative to her workplace or any illegalities. Unless of course they stumbled across some of her anti-Bush rants or pictures of Lindsay Lohan's breasts. Is that now termination-worthy? Furthermore her now-former employer is demanding that not just her offending posts be removed, but her entire blog. How is that possible? The blog is due to disappear at noon today.
posted by tsarfan on May 18, 2006 - 215 comments

freepers #1? yikes.

Blog readers are young and rich. A study [.pdf] released today concludes that as blogs continue to grow, blog readers are tending to be geekier and more affluent than previously thought. Nick Denton who helped sponsor the study (with SixApart) is delighted with the results.
posted by tsarfan on Aug 9, 2005 - 40 comments

Can the LA Times write a decent story about bloggers and blogging?

Can the LA Times write a decent story about bloggers and blogging? They certainly didn't in their latest piece. Plus they took an interesting angle of writing about bloggers, but ignoring every single LA-based blogger despite the fact that LA just might be home to the largest community of bloggers on the planet. But LA shouldn't feel shunned, the Times didnt mention the Instapundit, Ev, or Metafilter either.
posted by tsarfan on Sep 13, 2002 - 48 comments

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