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a few weeks ago, I introduced dr. mcqueen to the breast chronicles. I didn't hear from the good doctor again until he was calling me- "did you look at the breast chronicles today?" He had a tinny edge to his voice that suggested hysteria. While a fan of breasts, I involve my time more with obtuse intellectual trivia and the collection of semen-encrusted socks. then the emails began. dr. mcqueen was surfing- surfing with a pazzion and zeal unseen since the robot wars of '97. my theory is that dr. mcqueen was driven mad by charlotte's admittedly glorious breasts. he had to know and see more. he wanted her legs and her eyes, she became a star to him. soon the emails reached a fevered pitch, charting the four corners of what I have come to call the breast network.>>>>
posted by wisdom on Jun 9, 2000 - 17 comments

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