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Everybody celebrates the human body

Conceived by Australian avant-garde theatre group Snuff Puppets, Everybody is a giant 26.5m human puppet with articulated, detachable and interactive body parts and organs. Everybody is all genders and multi-racial; it is also the largest human puppet on the planet. An immersive experience, audiences can walk around, sit on, lie against, get inside, and cuddle up to Everybody. [NSFW and yet...meant for kids. But really, NSFW.] [more inside]
posted by Room 641-A on Aug 22, 2015 - 53 comments

Bum bum diddly bum

#1 Bum by Luscious Jackson. Check out the end.
posted by ribbit ribbit on Jan 18, 2014 - 37 comments

Coronet Instructional Films

From the mid 40s to the mid 50s Coronet Instructional Films were always ready to provide social guidance for teenagers on subjects as diverse as dating, popularity, preparing for being drafted, and shyness, as well as to children on following the law, the value of quietness in school, and appreciating our parents. They also provided education on topics such as the connection between attitudes and health, what kind of people live in America, how to keep a job, supervising women workers, the nature of capitalism, and the plantation System in Southern life. Inside is an annotated collection of all 86 of the complete Coronet films in the Prelinger Archives as well as a few more. Its not like you had work to do or anything right? [more inside]
posted by Blasdelb on Nov 1, 2012 - 41 comments

Plum tastes yum.

Willy Bum Bum. Not safe for anything, really (cartoon willies and bums).
posted by cmoj on Sep 16, 2012 - 52 comments

Alienated from the clique society, A lonely boy finds peace in fishing.

Surf Fishing for Great Whites [more inside]
posted by KokuRyu on Feb 25, 2009 - 37 comments

The $39 Experiment

About ten hours (over the course of two days) and exactly two bloodshot eyes later, it was complete. I had 100 letters to 100 different companies — stuffed, sealed, stamped, and ready to go. I put all 100 letters into the mail on Friday, February 24, 2006 at 9 AM. Now all that was left to do was sit back and wait for a response (or two?) via
posted by Kwantsar on Mar 4, 2006 - 62 comments

Will shill for food

Oh... My... God. I can't tell if this is a hoax, but it would seem genuine enough if it weren't so surreal. I mean... advertising. On homeless sign boards. I'm going to go hold my head under the bathwater until I stop struggling, now.
posted by shmegegge on Sep 20, 2005 - 72 comments

beverages for economical drunkards

The Top Five Wino Wines "Don't drink too much of any of these or you might find yourself at the local middle school sniffing bicycle seats." Ranked by Worst Taste, Getting Wasted, and Warmth. (via coudalpartners)
posted by azimuth on Mar 11, 2003 - 36 comments

Unhappy with the shape of your bottom?

Unhappy with the shape of your bottom?
No problem, get yourself a wonderbum, a new product that "lifts, separates and shapes"
posted by twistedonion on Oct 10, 2001 - 10 comments

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