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Al Qaeda doesn't care who's in the White House

Five (sometime) novelists imagine what the Gore administration would have been.
posted by Sticherbeast on Dec 9, 2010 - 41 comments

In Defense Of Foreign Policy Reptiles

Learning From Ike: What a Republican realist could teach George Bush. "If we hope to succeed, we manage evil. We minimize, mitigate, and manipulate evil. But efforts to pre-emptively eliminate evil are prone to end in overreaction and destabilization, with consequences that are often worse than the original problem."
posted by Sticherbeast on Apr 18, 2007 - 36 comments

Brother, you have a disconnect -- the president is elected, I was selected.

HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson told an audience that he'd cancelled a loan because "a minority businessman" didn't like the President. He later claimed to have been joking. [via]
posted by Sticherbeast on May 11, 2006 - 21 comments

16...er...6:15 on a Saturday morning.

Pierce Bush in 2024?
posted by Sticherbeast on Mar 17, 2006 - 96 comments

Miers and the Golden Parachute

Harriet Miers, Ben Barnes, and an "eye-popping amount of money." Harriet Miers may have given "Bush skipped out on the TexANG"-accuser Ben Barnes a golden parachute in an effort to keep him close...and quiet.
posted by Sticherbeast on Oct 21, 2005 - 73 comments

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