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I like big "But..."s and I always lie!

I hate to be the one to link to this, but...
So what do you think this linguistic practice should be called? “lying qualifiers?” “false fronts?” “wishwashers?” “but-heads?” Heh heh heh...
posted by oneswellfoop on Nov 27, 2010 - 101 comments

Restoring Awesomeness

Not more then a few days ago, the reddit community started a campaign to call Stephen Colbert to hold a rally tentatively called Restoring Truthiness in counterpoint to the recent Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally. Today redditors put their money where their keyboards are through direct action and broke the previous records and servers by donating $46,983 $92,004 to the school-teacher funding DonorsChoose.org in Operation Truthy Classroom obliterating records set by Hillary Clinton's donation campaign (which has been active since 2008) in less the eight hours. (Previously, and more previously.)
posted by loquacious on Sep 14, 2010 - 117 comments

The last straw

What would it take to revolt? There has been lots of debate, lots of outrage - both false and real, justified and not, over the various foibles of the current administration and President Bush (too numerous to list here). There has also been talk about revolution, uprising, impeachment, etc, and I wonder - theoretically - just would it take for a modern individual to engage in active revolution? This for me might be it. Fortunately at least one republican representative and perhaps 69% of U.S. households are with me.
posted by Smedleyman on Oct 12, 2005 - 126 comments

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