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"You just blew [our minds], little dude!"

Princess Bride: An Adorable Little Kid Just Came Up With The Best Fan Theory Ever OMG! The Princess Bride is one of those childhood classics that, no matter how many times you see it, you notice something new almost every viewing. Fan theories grow and thrive with these types of movies, and no matter if they're right or wrong, there's always going to be someone trying to justify or nullify the existence of these theories. Which brings us to a fan theory of just where The Princess Bride is going with its charmingly cryptic ending. Larry Young, co-founder of comic company AiT/Planet Lar and author of Astronauts In Trouble: Live From The Moon, shared his son's insightful speculation on the real story behind The Princess Bride. And all we're saying is, this kid is on to something. Larry Young broke the story himself on Facebook. [more inside]
posted by spock on Dec 23, 2014 - 78 comments

As you wish!

It's The Princess Bride's 25th anniversary! Little known facts about it. Fred Savage remembers. Why it's Jonathan Haynes's favorite film. Reunion. And don't worry, there's no remake in the works.
posted by Artw on Sep 25, 2012 - 160 comments

Hold This.

Listening to the Universe Weep:
The Stark Beauty of the Buttercup Festival.
posted by kaibutsu on May 31, 2004 - 13 comments

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