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Must-See TV

Survivor: Guantanamo Bay A group of volunteers have been locked in cages and sexually humiliated for the British reality television show Guantanamo Guidebook which explores torture techniques allegedly used against terrorist suspects held at Camp X-Ray.
posted by fandango_matt on Feb 9, 2005 - 18 comments

My Hell in Camp X-ray

My Hell in Camp X-ray. The five British detainees released from Camp X-ray are back in the UK and have talked to the press. They allege physical and mental abuse in exclusive interviews with British tabloid, 'The Mirror' and ITV news channel.
posted by biffa on Mar 12, 2004 - 82 comments

Children at Camp X-Ray

Children are being held at Camp X-Ray admits the US, as reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
posted by Blue Stone on Apr 22, 2003 - 28 comments

Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo, Cuba

Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo, Cuba (the way some people seem to think it should be)
posted by dagny on Jan 21, 2002 - 78 comments

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