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Tamale Recipes, Sweet and Savory

Delta Hot Tamales Are Hotter Than Ever
Delta "hots" themselves perfectly exemplify the tamale's malleable properties. Made with cornmeal instead of the lime-treated masa used in Mexico, a Delta hot is simmered (rather than steamed) in a spiced broth—hence the name. Though the dish's precise origin remains elusive, it's said that at one point in the 1920s a few Mexican cotton pickers made their way up from the Rio Grande Valley, toting a recipe that was then transformed by local African-American cooks—possibly aided by southern Italians who'd settled in the area. Whatever. By 1936, tamales were so entrenched in Delta culture that Robert Johnson, who'd made his pact with the devil just up the road from Greenville, recorded a song about them called "They're Red Hot."
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The Overbite, Evolution, Utensils, and The Kitchen

Jane Kramer has a fascinating review, an all-encompassing review, of Bee Wilson's, “CONSIDER THE FORK: A HISTORY OF HOW WE COOK AND EAT.[more inside]
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Mid-Nineteenth Century Hotel & Restaurant Menus

Hotel and restaurant menus of the 1850s and 1860s. Via.
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