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Dana Gould plays the Larry King game on "Kevin Pollak's Chat Show"

What came next was 8 minutes of comic brilliance. On Kevin Pollack's Chat Show guests are invited to do a bad impression of Larry King reveling something embarrassing about himself. Many are very funny, but Gould's amazing comic riff should go down in comedy history. Keep an eye on Kevin as he nearly faints from hilarity.
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"Dana is playing Bill Clinton literally breastfeeding puppies—that was our introduction to America."

GQ: Teats Out: An Oral History of the Rise and Fall (and Rise) of "The Dana Carvey Show." "Steve Carell. Stephen Colbert. Louis C.K. Charlie Kaufman. Robert Smigel. Some of comedy's greatest minds got one of their biggest breaks on the short-lived but much-loved "The Dana Carvey Show." Fifteen years later, in this exclusive oral history, the players recount the brief but fertile life of a truly unusual show", all eight episodes of which are available on Hulu. (Previously) [more inside]
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Dana Gillespie

Wow, what a life for Dana Gillespie. At 14 she was British junior national water-skiing champion. At 15 she was dating classmate David Bowie, who taught her guitar. Had bit parts in movies by 16. She dated Donovan for a little while, and Jimmy Page produced and played on her first album. She went on to a long string of starring roles in London's West End. She has devoted the latter part of her life to the blues, hosting an annual blues festival on the island of Mustique, recently featuring fellow Mustiquian Mick Jagger. And if all that weren't enough, she has also released several albums in Sanskrit under the moniker Third Man, devoted to the years she spent living in India. Allah Ho Akhbar::Chitta Chora::Om Shakti
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Old lives and memories lie silent beneath the blue water.

When the Quabbin Reservoir is low, they say a church steeple rises from the water, a ghostly reminder of the towns submerged by the flooding of the Swift River Valley in 1939.

Enfield: "The residents of Enfield held a farewell ball in the town hall for their lost community."
Prescott: "The youngest of the four towns and the first to give up its identity in 1928"
Greenwich: "Where eastern Massachusetts saw four luckless, shabby towns, the residents saw a home."
Dana: "The Rabbit Run was used by school children. It was the only means of getting to daily classes at Athol High School"

'I had one guy in here who swore he remembered being a little kid on a boat with his dad, paddling around the steeple,"... He tries to set such visitors straight, but 'you can't just tell people they're crazy."
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