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NPR.com is now asking that you request permission to link to content on their site. What is the rational behind this? I could see how the dallas news was concerned with losing advertising revenu when they banned deep linking, but if I'm not mistaken, NPR is non-profit, right? What gives?
posted by Hackworth on Jun 20, 2002 - 30 comments

Deep linking banned

Deep linking banned by DallasNews.com. "ultimately... this is our content and we should have some control about where and in what way it is used. We'll see what happens in the law and in the courts to decide how to proceed." Has the law already clarified this issue, or does the newspaper still have room to make a case? (via The Morning News)
posted by junkbox on May 1, 2002 - 26 comments

Let's make today Link KPMG Day.

Let's make today Link KPMG Day. Why? Because apparently they think that people need their permission to link to them [via plasticbag.org]. This sort of nonsense is completely antithetical to the spirit of the web.
posted by rory on Dec 3, 2001 - 54 comments

A Federal Judge OKs deep linking

A Federal Judge OKs deep linking to commercial websites. I'm very happy to see this, since hypertext and hyperlinks are the basis of the web. Hell yeah!
posted by mathowie on Mar 29, 2000 - 6 comments

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