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Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

Spacewalk in Oculus Rift. Vs. teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity.
posted by Artw on May 10, 2013 - 32 comments

If the Earth Stood Still

What would happen if the earth stopped spinning? ArcGIS was used to perform complex raster analysis and volumetric computations and generate maps that visualize these results.
posted by gman on Jul 7, 2010 - 51 comments

'It has lumps'

GRACE is fine-tuning our understanding of Earth's gravity. It also shows that Greenland's ice is melting, how the recent Sumatra earthquake changed the earth, and provides information on the world's oceans and climate.
posted by evening on Aug 31, 2006 - 7 comments

Do you feel a little lighter when you go to visit your Aunt Betty in Poughkeepsie? Maybe this gravity map can shed a little light on the subject.
posted by NedKoppel on Sep 27, 2002 - 7 comments

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