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If you grew up in or around New England you're probably familiar with a carbonated concoction called Moxie. Tastewise, it's kind of a love or hate deal and I fall squarely in the love camp. And I'm not alone apparently. The history of the product is actually pretty interesting. For those whose thirst has been stoked, here's a list places to get it.
posted by jonmc on Mar 22, 2002 - 34 comments

With the relentless march of the franchises on one hand, and the onslaught of health-conciousness and fad food on the other, that venerable culinary institution, the neighborhood greasy spoon, is becoming an endangered species. Well, fear not, Roadfood.com is the web resource for those of us who like our food drippin' with grease, smothered with chili and served in an unpretentious enviornment. two of my local faves are there, along with mouthwatering pictures of their specialties. I'm sure your local house of grease is featured as well.[warning: will induce major muchies.]
posted by jonmc on Feb 14, 2002 - 18 comments

As much as I love the taste of Ben & Jerry's this has got to stop.

As much as I love the taste of Ben & Jerry's this has got to stop. I'm sure this new flavor tastes terrific, but B&J have got to quit naming flavors after such lame bands. As an alternative, I suggest Kiss Krunch: Rasberry Whirl Ice Cream with little chocolate tongues. Fire away with yours...
posted by jonmc on Jan 19, 2002 - 175 comments

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