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To celebrate "20 years of preserving the web", the Internet Archive has unveiled GifCities – The Geocities Animated GIF Search Engine. [more inside]
posted by zarq on Oct 26, 2016 - 20 comments

"And all this story can be recreated solely from her search requests?"

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age - Digging through the Geocities Torrent [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns on Jun 30, 2016 - 30 comments

Nerd nostalgia

Developments like wikis and Facebook walls and comments sections were supposed to open the Internet to everyone, “using the Web the way it’s meant to be used.” Ten years in, and it sometimes seems those technologies only opened us up: to quantification, to monetization, to tracking, to abuse. Given these rather disappointing developments, it’s little surprise that some look back at Web 1.0 with longing.

The counterintuitive, GIF-tastic plan to redeem the modern Internet (SLWaPo)
posted by Johnny Wallflower on Nov 15, 2015 - 46 comments

A love letter to the Internet of old

Cameron's World is a web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of archived GeoCities pages (1994–2009). (music autoplays)
posted by curious nu on Aug 18, 2015 - 24 comments

Click the banana to return to the top

While CNN is known for its flashy technology displays like holograms of Will.I.Am and its glossy map displays, not everything about the network is so up-to-date: the CNN Interactive: In-Depth Food website appears to have remained unchanged since 2001. via
posted by Going To Maine on Mar 12, 2014 - 57 comments

NeoCities: Join our Counter Construction Webring

@kyledrake "I want to make another Geocities. Free web hosting, static HTML only, 10MB limit, anonymous, uncensored." And with that tweet, NeoCities was born. Browse existing sites, or create your own. [more inside]
posted by wcfields on Jun 28, 2013 - 35 comments

These pages are not under construction

Thanks to the Archive Team's rescue of Geocities (previously), you can now stroll down memory lane with One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Photo Op, a Tumblr of Geocities screenshots generated in Netscape 4.51.
posted by Horace Rumpole on Feb 7, 2013 - 34 comments

Under Construction

[The Yale University School of Art] website is a wiki. All School of Art grad students, faculty, staff, and alums have the ability to change most of this site’s content (with some exceptions); and to add new content and pages.
posted by HeroZero on Sep 7, 2012 - 22 comments


"[W]ebsites and hosting services should not be “fads” any more than forests and cities should be fads – they represent countless hours of writing, of editing, of thinking, of creating. They represent their time, and they represent the thoughts and dreams of people now much older, or gone completely. There’s history here. Real, honest, true history. So Archive Team did what it could, as well as other independent teams around the world, and some amount of Geocities was saved." Now, one year later, they have announced that nearly a terabyte of web history will soon be made available to the public as a 900GB torrent file. (Previously. / Previously.) [more inside]
posted by zarq on Oct 29, 2010 - 57 comments

Internet Forever OMG

Internet Forever - a band who are nostalgic for Geocities. Modern webpage here.
posted by mippy on Jul 27, 2010 - 16 comments

made by a thirteen year-old in 1996

Geocities is Back!!!! and they've taken over the world! from the crafty folks at Wondertonic.com...make sure to read their terms of use before browsing the site. some autoplaying music... [more inside]
posted by Potomac Avenue on Apr 27, 2010 - 22 comments

Goodbye Geocities

As Geocities is officially turned off for good tomorrow I'd like to pay my respects. I'll miss you old friend, the internet won't be the same without you.
posted by nam3d on Oct 24, 2009 - 134 comments

Bear [Geocities] like a soldier, to the stage

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Geocities, we hardly knew ye.
posted by awenner on Apr 23, 2009 - 111 comments

Completely new websites!

Tired of the current web? Have all the cool domain names already been registered? The second web bills itself as geocities 2.0 with a web browser-esque interface stuck on top of it "a completely new World Wide Web. A new Web Browser, a new domain name system and completely new websites."
posted by slater on Sep 30, 2008 - 46 comments

Movie Magazines

THE SITE OF MOVIE MAGAZINES has it all... Whether you like Continental Film Review, Trash Times, or Sleazioid Express, if it's low-budget, they probably have it.
ATTN: Magazines mostly NSFW, unless your tastes run more towards the Christian Filmworks oeuvre....
posted by lilboo on Jan 12, 2005 - 3 comments

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percys red alrt 2 web paeg
posted by y2karl on Dec 12, 2004 - 46 comments


GeoCities was once the darling of the online world to every-man wanted to post his own web site. Free space for all, and all were happy. Then Yahoo! bought it, and the dot-com collapse occurred. Now, GeoCities offers new premium packages, offering more features. But at $19.95 before you can even having scripting, traditional web hosts greatly undercut Yahoo!'s offering, and offer more in terms of features still.
posted by benjh on Mar 11, 2002 - 13 comments

Geocities for Scientologists

Geocities for Scientologists Take a look at the uniformity of the personal pages on this site. It's enough to make one wonder if these people even know they have webpages.
posted by pjdoland on Mar 2, 2002 - 25 comments

Advertisers accidentally linked with kiddie-porn.

Advertisers accidentally linked with kiddie-porn. This was never a problem in print advertising. Looks like some big advertisers got caught when buying run of network advertising. Chevron's not very happy about it.
posted by Salmonberry on Jan 9, 2002 - 4 comments

There must be

There must be something about Geocities that attracts the most unusual people to create such enriching websites. What it is, I'm not sure.
posted by h0ney on Jan 9, 2002 - 16 comments

Virtual Dub.

Virtual Dub. No, nothing to do with music. Virtual Dub is open source capturing software with built-in capture support which can often use as much as 90% of your hard disk's maximum sustained transfer rate -- as high as 10 megabytes per second -- without dropping a frame. We just tested it at work with our ATI All In Wonder 128 and were impressed with the crystal clear results.
posted by prolific on Feb 29, 2000 - 0 comments

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