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Not like the other bands

Teeth of the Sea are a quartet of clean-cut young men from North London. They work in shops. Together, they make a near indescribable noise, a bit like Sketches of Spain-era Miles Davis recordings reimagined by slightly scary, 30-something metalheads with a thing for Euro-sleaze cinema, cheap lager, philosophy and noise rock. They are, genuinely, not like other bands. [more inside]
posted by Sonny Jim on Dec 31, 2012 - 9 comments

Music Map from gnod

Gnod's new music-map is a big improvement over the old UI. Looks like gnod was listening two years ago. The new UI still isn't as pretty as musicplasma's Flash design, or convey as much information, but it's pretty nifty to see the band names jitterbug around as mountains of historical user preference data is correlated. Anyway, I'm more interested in which site has better data. I'd guess the old gnoosic UI is being retired, as there's not even a link to the new URL there.
posted by JParker on Nov 30, 2004 - 10 comments

A search engine to help you find things you don't know about.

A search engine to help you find things you don't know about. gnod stands for The Global Network of Dreams, and is a test of artificial intelligence. Building a database from the user choices, it helps you find books, music and misc. other by having you enter in things that you like, and based on what other people like, it shows you stuff you ought to like, too (which is slightly different from what Amazon does, showing you what other people have bought). Don't know if all the Amazon Associate links detract from it all or not
posted by crunchland on Aug 30, 2002 - 25 comments

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