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I go head first Acknowledging with a new secret The birth of images

Alexander Aksinin Was a Ukranian graphic artist who died in a plane crash in 1985 aged 36.
He also worked in Colour
(Via the wonderful time sink butdoesitfloat)
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Holding back the night -With its increasing brilliance -The summer moon

Vania Zouravliov was a child prodigy inspired from an early age by influences as diverse as The Bible, Dante, early Disney animation, North American Indians and Poe.
Told in Russia that his work was from the Devil, he has described his pieces as having a Hoffmannesque feel, and has always been interested in creating graphic art in its purest form. Others call his work a blend of Rock Chic and Punk.
Here is an extensive Gallery, (Some pictures NSFW).
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Could you explain some of the words used on your website?

John Coulthart's first illustration work was for the album Church of Hawkwind in 1982.
Since then he has become prolific together with his art and design blog ‘’Feuilliton’’. (linked before on the blue, but only for specifics).
His weekend edition is a timesink; and then are his illustrations for The Haunter of the Dark
To understand more about him read some interviews.
From 2004 Could you explain some of the words used on your website: {retinacula} {pleonasm} {pantechnicon} {oniomania} {decalcomania} {catenation} {bibliopoesy}?
Are they in Latin or did you just make some of them up?
Or most recently earlier this year.
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