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"You can move, but you'll still be you when you get there."

Reflections from a lawyer about her five years on a small tropical island. (SLHuffPo)
posted by mark7570 on Nov 12, 2013 - 51 comments

New frontiers in invasive species containment

Scientists to drop dead mice laced with Tylenol on Guam from helicopters
posted by silby on Feb 23, 2013 - 51 comments

USDA glues acetaminophen-laced frozen mice to cardboard, bombs Guam treetops to kill snakes

USDA glues acetaminophen-laced frozen mice to cardboard, bombs Guam treetops to kill snakes
posted by East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 on Sep 30, 2010 - 48 comments

Lytico-Bodig, the mysterious killer of Guam

Can an obscure disease from Guam explain the explain the appearance of neurological disorders near Marscoma Lake in New Hampshire? The only people thought to contract Lytico-Bodig were Chamorros born before 1961 and related or married to particular familes living near the village of Umatac in Guam. It was theorised that it came from eating cycad seeds, but why were there no documented cases before the 1900s, and why are there no new cases on the island today? The popular author and neurologist Oliver Sacks visited the island and has continued to study the disease. He suggests that the cause is biomagnification of a toxin produced by cyanobacteria and concentrated twice - first by the cycads, and a second time in the flesh of the fruit bats. There are no new cases, he says, because the fruit bats have been nearly hunted to extinction.
posted by Joe in Australia on Nov 16, 2009 - 10 comments

GPA dark, Squamata brewed

Before World War II, Guam had 12 species of native forest birds. Today, 10 of those species are extinct, and the other 2 have less than 200 individuals. [more inside]
posted by Bernt Pancreas on Feb 25, 2009 - 25 comments

Super-Typhoon Faxai Glances Guam and Saipan

Super-Typhoon Faxai Glances Guam and Saipan
A typhoon with winds of >160mph at the eye moves into the Marianas Islands. Major cities will not be severly impacted, but the storm will move incredibly close to islands with two dozen people on them. I would not like to be on an island with a only few dozen other people, storm or no storm! (NWS, News, SuperTyphoon, Tiny Places)
posted by rschram on Dec 23, 2001 - 7 comments

Bush wins Guam, err won

Bush wins Guam, err won
This is legal! Guam is 15 hours ahead of the East Coast. They were voting while you were sleeping last night.
posted by rschram on Nov 7, 2000 - 9 comments

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