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Great American Health Check

The Great American Health Check
Cancer.org has a great online resource to figure out what your individual health risks are, to help get into better shape or to help quit smoking. Its free and kicks out a personalized list of concerns to print out and bring to your doctor.
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Smegma, Your Friend and Mine

(so NSFW it isn't funny at all, most links are not safe either)
'The animal kingdom would probably cease to exist without smegma.' - Thomas Ritter, MD.
Smegma's a widely misunderstood substance, rather than being a noxious waste product it moisturizes the glans and keeps it smooth, soft, and supple. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties keep the penis clean and healthy though a build up can result in balanitis. Here's an article on how to collect it for experimentation as an extracted bacterium from smegma has been successfully used to treat bladder cancer as well as a strange experiment on the potential carcinogenic effects of smegma on mice (hint, there were none found, if anything, the smegma'ed mice outlived the control mice). Smegma is also related to vernix, the cheese-like substance on a newborn's skin.

Lots of humor to be had, including the Devil's Dictionary definition as well as a band called, yeah, Smegma and even a cocktail recipe for something called a Smegma Delight (vodka, bourbon and parmesan cheese, umm, pass).
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Have Knife, Will Give Birth

Woman Performs Caesarean On Herself to Save Baby
Its thought to be the first case where both mother and child survived a self performed caesarean.
From the article, "...a mother's instinct to save her child can move a woman to perform extraordinary acts but said it would not have been necessary if adequate medical care had been available."
Contrast that story with the recent news: Chico Student Allegedly Kills Newborn and then leaves the body in a plastic bag in her dormroom.
An avoidable situation given California's Safe Haven Law that allows new mothers to safely surrender their newborns within three days of birth with no questions asked, no names taken and no repercusions, assuming the child isn't abused or neglected.
And she wouldn't be held on a million dollars bail awaiting trial for murder.
posted by fenriq on Apr 6, 2004 - 9 comments

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