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The 0-113 Racehorse Who Charmed a Country

In 2003, the small Kochi Racetrack in southern Japan was in trouble. The Lost Decade hit the provincial raceway hard, and the staff was scrambling to find some way to stave off bankruptcy. One day, they found an unlikely savior. This is the story of Haru Urara, the losingest racehorse in Japan, and how she gave hope to millions.
posted by Small Dollar on May 19, 2016 - 9 comments

Portnoy's complaining

Drummer Mike Portnoy drums a game of "Name That Tune" (NSFW) on a Hello Kitty drum kit. Bonus live set.
posted by a lungful of dragon on Dec 1, 2015 - 6 comments

The Cat Is A Lie

Christine R. Yano is an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii (and currently a visiting professor at Harvard) who has spent years studying the phenomenon that is Hello Kitty. When Yano was preparing her written texts for the exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, she says she described Hello Kitty as a cat. "I was corrected — very firmly," she says. [more inside]
posted by The Almighty Mommy Goddess on Aug 27, 2014 - 82 comments

Virgincita Plis, the Hello Kitty of Mexico

Amparo "Amparin" Serrano turned the much-revered Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico, into its Hello Kitty. In the early 2000s, Amparin drew a cute cartoon version of the Virgin and asked for protection, an inexpensive cell phone, and removal of her cellulite (Google auto-translate; original Spanish article), and it went from there (auto-translation; original page). Now, Serrano and her Distroller company have teamed up with Walmart and other large chain stores, and the brand has also expanded into the US.
posted by filthy light thief on May 17, 2014 - 29 comments


Hello Kitty super robot! (And Kitty-chan is a Mazinger Z fan.)
posted by needled on Jan 18, 2014 - 8 comments

There and Back Again Kitty

Lauren Rojas, a 12 year old from California, sent Hello Kitty on a return trip to the stratosphere (over 28 kilometres above the Earth) and recorded the results.
posted by rollick on Feb 5, 2013 - 41 comments

Puss puss puss

Hello Kitty becomes Japan's ambassador to China. The little half-Japanese, half-English cat has become so globally recognisable that it is, perhaps, inevitable that the Japanese board of tourism has appointed her their official tourism ambassador to China and Hong Kong. This is not the first time the world has looked to Hello Kitty to perform an ambassadorial role; she has been United States children's ambassador for Unicef since 1983. [more inside]
posted by infini on May 25, 2008 - 18 comments

Warhammer 40K meets Hello Kitty

Warhammer 40K meets Hello Kitty
posted by nthdegx on May 17, 2008 - 28 comments

Hello Kitty is coming for your menfolk

MeFi is no stranger to Hello Kitty. Whether you are a fan or not (previously), her feline popularity, especially among young women, is undeniable. "But what about the guys?" you ask. Unless you were a Thai police officer, Puroland groom, or bought the existing merchandise, there just wasn't anything made especially for you. Sanrio heard the call, and Hello Kitty merchandise designed especially for men is coming soon.
posted by cmgonzalez on Dec 28, 2007 - 39 comments


Hello Chococat, Oh No! Doom, Sludge, Noise(warning: ewwtube): the music of Monarch (warning:murdochSpace); they're from Bayonne.
posted by geos on Nov 22, 2007 - 11 comments

Badtz Maru and Chococat were unable to attend, but sent a lovely gift basket.

[SanrioFilter] Congratulations, Horlick and Jamie, on this auspicious occasion. (Single-link YouTube post.)
posted by beaucoupkevin on Sep 4, 2007 - 30 comments

Hello Kitty, goodbye sanity

We've discussed the omnipresent nature of Hello Kitty before. She has aliens for allies, her own MMORPG, and even a banking empire. But what about the havoc that can be wreaked when fandoms collide? If Sanrio-meets-Star-Wars doesn't make your brain hurt, how about the thought of packing some Hello Kitty heat? Or maybe...maybe you're a fan. Maybe visiting Puroland--Hello Kitty's theme park--appeals to you. Oh, it does? Then you'll be happy to hear that Puroland does weddings, too[Youtube].
posted by Vervain on Aug 22, 2006 - 31 comments

Hello Kitty!

"There's a Hello Kitty outside my window. Can I have a glass of water?"
posted by miss lynnster on Feb 15, 2005 - 22 comments

Hello Kitty MMORPG Near Launch

It's like EverQuest...only pink. Well, maybe not exactly like EverQuest. But Sanrio is entering the world of online gaming with their new MMORPG, Hello Kitty Online World. Preliminary views indicate that it's going to be a fully-realized 3D world where players can control both their own avatar and an "angel," which seems a little bit like a witch's familiar. The Sanrio characters are, of course, NPCs - you can't make Hello Kitty punch Spottie Dottie, because that's just not what Kitty-chan would do! There will be countries, populated with player homes (you can decorate it with a Titanic poster!), and you can also adventure, train, and form alliances.
posted by etoile on Nov 5, 2004 - 10 comments

Hello Little Consumer

Hello Little Consumer The popular Hello Kitty brand -- commonly found on stationery, purses, pajamas and other items for children -- will soon start appearing on a new platform: a MasterCard debit card. Target age group: 10 to 14."Freedom! You can use the Hello Kitty Debit MasterCard to shop 'til you drop,"
posted by brian on Oct 3, 2004 - 43 comments

Hello Kitty I love you!!!

The billion-dollar juggernaut that is Hello Kitty. Tokyo-based journalists Ken Belson and Brian Bremner have published a history of Japanese character-licensing company Sanrio and their most famous character, Hello Kitty. As Japanese "kawaii" (cute) culture continues to invade the world, this looks to be a great guide to the history and impact of Kitty-chan and her minions.
posted by gen on Oct 15, 2003 - 21 comments

Hello Kitty Has No Mouth But She Can Cover Yours!

Just when you thought they had marketed everything, the new Hello Kitty SARS facemask is now available. That's right. You heard me.
posted by car_bomb on Apr 3, 2003 - 14 comments

Hello Kitty remakes "The Blair Witch Project."

Hello Kitty remakes "The Blair Witch Project." This is either the most clever or most inane Yahoo! Greeting I've ever seen...wait, is "inane Yahoo! Greeting" redundant? Happy pre-Halloween Friday...does anyone remember TBWP fondly these days, as the nights grow spooky? Going to see "The Ring" tonight?
posted by serafinapekkala on Oct 18, 2002 - 33 comments

Tired of your office mate's irritatingly cute Hello Kitty USB hub? Balance the forces of cuteness with Hubzilla. (Via Macintouch)
posted by nathan_teske on Sep 18, 2002 - 26 comments

Do you seem to feel anxious lately? Well answer a few questions, and Hello Kitty will provide a psychological analysis for you!
This is just a bit scary. The questions are a little bizarre, too.
posted by Su on Jul 22, 2002 - 18 comments

Looks innocuous, doesn't it?

Looks innocuous, doesn't it? It's actually the Hello Kitty vibrator^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmassager. I've been told that Sanrio makes products to help little girls through all stages of growth up to adulthood. Now I believe it.
posted by plinth on Mar 31, 2000 - 0 comments

The Fox Family Channel

The Fox Family Channel is going to debut a Hello Kitty cartoon this weekend. Will it be cool in that kitschy girly-pop Sanrio sort of way, or will it just blow major chunks? The only person I know who really really loves Hello Kitty is Leslie, and I'm not even sure she has a tv.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe on Mar 3, 2000 - 2 comments

Hello Tarot

Hello Tarot is the world's cutest tarot card deck. Lord knows I want one.
posted by peterme on Jul 15, 1999 - 0 comments

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