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"Oh, you go to Hell, Sean."

Actors have to go through a lot of repetitive interviews when they're out promoting a film. So you would imagine they would welcome something totally unique. At least, that's the theory when Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key stopped by the First We Feast YouTube channel several months ago to promote their movie Keanu, discuss their careers... and consume the spiciest chicken wings known to man.
posted by AlonzoMosleyFBI on Jun 10, 2016 - 31 comments

Sports person did a sports thing!

“the eleven most boring conversations i can’t stop overhearing” (in which a liberal white male american san francisco bay area resident possessive of the auditory acuity of a baby chihuahua learns to scream).
posted by blue_beetle on Jan 19, 2016 - 148 comments

You know what every kitchen needs? A Bloonderbooss or a Boomashootn, and Swedish Chef shows us why.

The Swedish Chef (Muppet Wiki) is the incomprehensible preparer of foodstuffs for The Muppet Show. A rather literal variation of the Live-Hand Muppet concept, the Swedish Chef is a humanoid character, with human hands rather than gloves. An annotated list of every televised appearance of the Swedish Chef is after the fold... Børk! Børk! Børk! [Click here to view the thread translated fully into Mock Swedish] [more inside]
posted by Blasdelb on Mar 16, 2012 - 45 comments

For the rooster in your kitchen

Metafilter (rightfully) loves sriracha. Now the folks at America's Test Kitchen have obsessed over how to make it at home so you don't have to. [more inside]
posted by mudpuppie on Oct 12, 2011 - 146 comments

Burn, Baby, Burn... but don't breathe in

Having a barbecue this summer? There are any number of safety initiatives to alert you to the dangers inherent in lighting one, but a lot less gets said about how to avoid exposing yourself to carcinogenic compounds. Help is at hand from the American Cancer Society, Younger Clearer Skin, David A. Fein MD from the Princeton Longevity Center and Boris Johnson [YouTube]. Kinda.
posted by The Ultimate Olympian on Jul 19, 2010 - 22 comments

"I guess it goes with alcohol"

"Some American consumers believe sriracha (properly pronounced SIR-rotch-ah) to be a Thai sauce. Others think it is Vietnamese. The truth is that sriracha, as manufactured by Huy Fong Foods, may be best understood as an American sauce, a polyglot purée with roots in different places and peoples." A Chili Sauce to Crow About.
posted by dersins on May 20, 2009 - 102 comments

Pink fix !

Chile Pepper's Lonely Endorphins Club Cinema: I, II, III

Can all this be explained by Dr. Paul Rozin's Benign Masochism / Constrained Risk theory? I, for one, am not buying it, but any way you slice it, hot cock sauce is here to stay.
posted by NaturalScinema on Feb 23, 2007 - 35 comments

The sauciest post ever on MetaFilter!

For some, it's an obsession. For others it's just a hobby. Some people just buy it, others make it. Some live to consume it, but sometimes it's not made to consume; just to collect. It's funny, racy, generic and specific. In any case, it's an interesting reflection of current events and popular culture.
posted by Kickstart70 on Apr 2, 2006 - 56 comments

I like my beer warm, thank you.

ChiliBeer: [flash] Capsaicin has many, many medical uses and a few not so medical ones. Alchohol and capsaicin have been shown to help with heart disease, maybe they are just trying create a heart disease tonic? The good news is there are no interactions with cocaine.
posted by bigmusic on Nov 14, 2005 - 20 comments

Hot Sauce!

Hot sauce reviews, a pepper primer, and ways to make your own.
posted by interrobang on Jun 20, 2004 - 29 comments

You can't make this stuff up.

You can't make this stuff up. How much you wanna bet this results in an interesting ad campaign or at the very least a related product name change.
posted by jonmc on Dec 31, 2001 - 4 comments

Huy Fong

Huy Fong rules. In the IT department of the ad agency I'm freelancing for the boys use a bottle a week, putting it on dern near everything. Check out the letters.
posted by Mo Nickels on May 31, 2000 - 1 comment

Our own CUJoe's current PhotoOp

Our own CUJoe's current PhotoOp reminded me that I always forget the name of the units for measure hot pepper spiciness: Scovilles. For some reason this name won't stick in my brain. I always look it up here. Take time to worship.
posted by plinth on Mar 14, 2000 - 8 comments

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