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Devs Make Mario

You might know that mefites are making levels in Super Mario Maker. But in a shocking twist, so are game developers! Every Wednesday for the past ten weeks, Polygon has been recording a different designer putting together, commenting on, and playing through an all-new level in their video series “Devs Make Mario”. (YouTube playlist) List of episodes within. [more inside]
posted by Going To Maine on Nov 19, 2015 - 52 comments

Do you have what it takes to be The Guy?

I Wanna Be The Guy is an insanely addictive and sadistically difficult independently developed video game that takes you on a wacky romp through some truly brilliantly designed stages. Along the way you have to best gaming history's most perilous adversaries, like a Giant Radioactive Zangief. [more inside]
posted by aftermarketradio on Mar 11, 2008 - 20 comments

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