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Italy June 2011 referendum

Italy's PM: can I privatize water supply, guarantee private investors a minimum 7% ROI on investments in water supply infrastructure, avoid showing up at scheduled court hearings and build a few nuclear plants, please? NO, you can't, answered nearly 30 million italians (95% of the voters, 57% of the people that held the right to vote) in the latest italian national referendum, whose final results are just about to be published (italian). [more inside]
posted by elpapacito on Jun 13, 2011 - 22 comments

Earthquake kills 150, displaces 50.000 in Italy

At least 150 dead, 1.500 injuried and 50.000 displaced by a magnitude 6.3 Richter scale earthquake that struck Abruzzo and center Italy at 01:32:42 UTC on April 6th.The damage is very severe, the little village of Onna, existing since at least year 1178, was completely destroyed and the city of L'Aquila (pop 70.000) was severly damaged. The city hospital was rendered 90% unusable, allegedly 50% of all of the city buildings are now considered unsafe. Hundreds of pictures have been sent on the internet by locals, while controversy ensues on a early warning by an italian scientist (indicted a few days ago for spreading rumors about an upcoming quake), who claims that his Radon gas detectors signaled an anomaly that may have been validated by a more extensive networks of detectors and may have saved lifes.
posted by elpapacito on Apr 6, 2009 - 76 comments

Country wide blackout ongoing in Italy

Italy-wide blackout ongoing I'm right in the middle of a nation wide blackout. 2 hours without electricity so far, luckly sunrise is near. Guess now I know what they guys in U.S. East coast has felt. Link goes to italian language realtime news on event, for interested italians abroad.
posted by elpapacito on Sep 27, 2003 - 22 comments

Alberto Sordi

Alberto Sordi, one of the greatest italian actor of all times, died today. Just wanted to let all the italians around the world without .it TV access know. He'll be so incredibly missed.
posted by elpapacito on Feb 25, 2003 - 6 comments

Italian Police raids Italian Indymedia.org and Genoa Social Forum

Italian Police raids Italian Indymedia.org and Genoa Social Forum More information and/or pictures can be found at these links: MSNBC CNN Il Nuovo Corriere della Sera

According to protesters radio, the Genoa Social Forum is going to release a video that shows police infiltration in rioters and more police abuse pics.

I believe there that must be no space for violence, unless one is subject to violence against his will. That's why I believe that policeman had the right to attack protesters to defend themselves and to defend peaceful protesters. But I think that's it's very difficult to understand what really happened in this situation.

Apparently one indymedia reporter from UK is now in coma after being beaten from police, and more then 50 protesters were seriously harmed. The police were looking for unsual weapons like maces and usual weapons like knifes. Police also accused Genoa Social Forum of being a "cover" for the violent protesters.

What do you think about fitting a mini-recorder in every policeman armor ? I think police activity needs to be recorded because they're the only ones authorized to use violence when necessary but they can also abuse this power easily when no camera is around.

Remember the police chases scenes you can see on tv ? They're usually made from TV helicopters. I've seen more then one chase ending with police professionally stopping the chased offender, without doing them any harm, even if pointing a gun at them. While sometimes I've seen police beating people senseless without any good reason ; and giving a punch to a policeman, while completely wrong, isn't an action that deservers over-reaction when 3-4 cops kick the hell out of the offender.

Waiting for your ideas and comments...
posted by elpapacito on Jul 22, 2001 - 26 comments

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