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Boon-Ga Boon-Ga!

Boon-Ga Boon-Ga! [via fark] - a video game played by spanking. Even worse is the person dressed up like the game controller at a trade show, even more disturbing next to the person in the turd (?) costume. Brought to you by Taff System (link not functional at time of posting)
posted by plinth on Jan 5, 2001 - 0 comments

Hard drives in PlayStations!

Hard drives in PlayStations! "Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony (NYSE: SNE) will reportedly include a hard drive and modem in the U.S. version of its second-generation PlayStation gaming product set for a fall release."

Slashdot reported that linux would be the development platform, but my question is how soon to expect a linux port to a Playstation?
posted by plinth on Apr 14, 2000 - 6 comments

There's something poetic about Japanese game shows

There's something poetic about Japanese game shows with overdubbed comments in German. Something very petically meta about the whole thing. I thought tv about tv was great, but foreign tv about foreign tv is better. This came from stile project (warning: not for the faint-hearted, think twice before surfing at work).
posted by plinth on Mar 9, 2000 - 0 comments

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