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Mega audacious

MegaUpload is currently being portrayed by the MPAA and RIAA as one of the world’s leading rogue sites. But top music stars including P Diddy, Will.i.am, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West disagree and are giving the site their full support in a brand new song. TorrentFreak caught up with the elusive founder of MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, who shrugged off “this rogue nonsense” and told us he wants content owners to get paid. “It works like an ad blocker but instead of blocking ads we show ads coming from Megaclick, our ad network,” says Kim. “This way we will generate enough ad revenue to provide free premium services and licensed content so that our users can have it for free.
posted by finite on Dec 9, 2011 - 73 comments

I know he's not a popular man on here,

I know he's not a popular man on here, but I'm going to say it: What's happened to Kimble? Ignoring the 'I don't care, it's only Kimble' path, is his present rant justifiable - is Germany's enterpreneurial policy 'destructive'?
posted by wibbler on Jan 18, 2002 - 16 comments

KIMBLE rulez!

KIMBLE rulez! There's nothing like a good old, humble home page. Now I've heard that overuse of the flash plugin is a no-no, but this site makes me say yes-yes! Be sure to view on a good multimedia system on a really PHAT pipe.
posted by muppetboy on Mar 2, 2001 - 16 comments

Politics and strange bedfellows

Politics and strange bedfellows It's like slowing down to watch a car wreck, but more compelling. It's the scene from "Waiting to Exhale," when Angela Bassett took a match to her husband's belongings, writ large. It's probably not the start of a take-no-shorts stance from more political wives, as exemplified by the Giuliani/Hanover ruckus in New York, but it's still noteworthy: I never heard of Coretta Scott King, Effi Barry, Jackie Jackson or any other African American political wife doing something like this before.
posted by allaboutgeorge on Aug 30, 2000 - 8 comments

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