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A combo of trust and earnest nerdiness

The New York Times Company recently acquired The Wirecutter and The Sweethome, "product-recommendation services that serve as a guide to technology gear, home products and other consumer services." Some guy without a blog thinks that is awesome news, and that Brian Lam doesn't get the credit he deserves for building a successful business that doesn't have to cater to either advertisers or investors, but relies instead on "a combo of trust and earnest nerdiness".
posted by RedOrGreen on Oct 25, 2016 - 39 comments

I'll do this until the election.

One man is replacing guns with sex toys in photos of GOP politicians. That man is Matt Haughey.
posted by maxsparber on Dec 7, 2015 - 167 comments

"I'm glad I bought it and I'm sure I'll love it in a couple of months"

A self-proclaimed insufferable asshole named Matt complains about his new luxury watch. Turns out it's the most personal device ever, only not in an insanely great way. Still, he has hopes for the future of his new wearable computer. (MeFi's own mathowie at medium.com.)
posted by valkane on Apr 27, 2015 - 181 comments

Fuelly tracks your gas mileage.

Fuelly tracks your gas mileage over time, helping you save fuel and expenses as you drive.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane on Aug 21, 2008 - 52 comments


Good luck, blessings, positive thoughts, and an early mazel tov to Mathowie, Kay, and Fiona!
posted by digaman on May 2, 2005 - 92 comments

Will she be mefi blue?

Haughey 2.0 Mefi user #1 will be reproducing. Hearty congratulations!
posted by owillis on Dec 8, 2004 - 94 comments

Slashdot posts Megway parody 3 years later.

Slashdot just a bit late?
posted by hobbes on May 9, 2004 - 33 comments

Best Christmas Destinations

Where Would You Send Someone You Love For Christmas? If you had unlimited funds, what would be your Hannukah or Christmas present for someone you thought really deserved one? For instance, our genial host and the owner of MetaFilter, Matt Haughey. A lot of us are presently engaged in clubbing in to offer him a short visit to Iceland. y6y6y6 has even set up a website to solicit funds and suggestions, following enormous interest on MetaTalk. Well-known weblogs like boing boing and anildash are chipping in too. isn't it time we showed our appreciation? (Matt, please don't read or delete this!)
posted by MiguelCardoso on Dec 8, 2003 - 101 comments

ten years of matt's life

ten years of my life seems to be our fearless leader's newest project.
it's an idea i've picked up from time to time and then discarded because i don't think i have the discipline. does anyone know if similar projects out there?
go matt! i'm looking forward to this a lot. (via boing boing)
posted by dolface on Oct 10, 2003 - 30 comments

Coming up next...

Upcoming.org is a collaborative event calendar that looks like it's going to be interesting. (Reviewed here by some guy.)
posted by oissubke on Sep 20, 2003 - 14 comments

Stop Street Spam!

Stop Street Spam! Roadsides and telephone poles are full of the crap. Matt's link (and the double post) reminded me of something happening in the Austin area. Someone is spray painting "SPAM" over the herbalife and other signs [or painting over or cutting off the phone numbers]. Austin is also recruiting citizens [pdf]to root up these signs. Does your neighborhood have too many of these signs? I'm getting some spray paint and becoming a sign shark..
posted by birdherder on Sep 7, 2002 - 31 comments

Shift Magazine Turns 10

Shift Magazine Turns 10 They've got a fine commemorative Collector's Issue out, which fittingly includes various Top 10 lists. Among them: Reasons Weblogs Exist, Sites Wil Wheaton Quite Enjoys, and Top Heavyweights On The Web (which lists our beloved Matt Haughey at No. 8, two places above the ubiquitous Evan Williams). A damn good read.
posted by susanlucci on Sep 5, 2002 - 13 comments

Visual Truth or Random Image?

Visual Truth or Random Image? We always thought we knew the man behind MetaFilter. But go to Google's Image Search and type: founder of metafilter. Well . . . now you really know.
posted by jacknose on Nov 9, 2001 - 49 comments

Matt H. and MeFi in New York Times

Matt H. and MeFi in New York Times (may require free subscription to access) -- an Andy Wang piece about using the Amazon Honor System to keep websites like his afloat. What I want to know: why does Matt wants to hurl that laptop into the bay?
posted by BT on Jun 13, 2001 - 12 comments

Woohoo! The First Annual Nothings Award...

Woohoo! The First Annual Nothings Award... I've never heard of Lileks before, but the snazzy site [almost] makes me forget how frustrating contentless splash screens are.
posted by silusGROK on Apr 26, 2001 - 27 comments

Who IS that man

Who IS that man on the cover of Brill's Content this month!? A direct link to the cover image is here. Discuss! (I searched to see if this had been mentioned today and couldn't find any threads on it. Forgive me if I missed previous mentions...)
posted by MarkBakalor on Apr 9, 2001 - 21 comments

Mathowie needs our help...

Mathowie needs our help... seems he can't figure out how to speed up his morning toast. Certainly someone here can point him towards breakfast enlightenment...
posted by silusGROK on Apr 5, 2001 - 25 comments

Matt has redesigned his home

Matt has redesigned his home and it's certainly not the same as before. It seems to be the season for redesigning your weblog. Lots of change is in the air, and the results are a breath of fresh air, if these sites are anything to go by. (Note too, that he's using custom coldfusion/SQL code on this box to serve his personal site.)
posted by grestall on Feb 7, 2001 - 43 comments

Creator of MetaFiler: Wedding Bliss,

Creator of MetaFiler: Wedding Bliss, As Matt's Brother, I can report to all here at MetaFilter, the Wedding went as picture perfect as they imagined! No rain, Everybody was in time for the ceremony, Lucky no Television Reporters crashing or blocking streets, No helicopters hovering above. It was a beautiful, simple gathering of friends and family Here are the Exclusive Photo's only for the Metafilter Community: Exchanging of Vows and The Big Kiss! Best of luck to Matt & Kay!!!
posted by Max's Daddy on Oct 7, 2000 - 26 comments

All the best, for today and for the future.

All the best, for today and for the future.
posted by holgate on Oct 7, 2000 - 11 comments

peterme's bathroom

peterme's bathroom There's a story... About a man name Haughey... Who attended a party... (sing this to the brady bunch theme song)
posted by efader on Jun 5, 2000 - 19 comments

Congratulations Matt and Kay!

Congratulations Matt and Kay!
posted by CrazyUncleJoe on May 20, 2000 - 14 comments

Scary Blogger?

Scary Blogger? Jeez Matt, Relax - you've got a cool job now, so just take it easy ;-)
posted by tomcosgrave on Apr 2, 2000 - 5 comments

it's all about the love.

it's all about the love. congrats matt!
posted by mmanning on Mar 15, 2000 - 9 comments

Well, I tried....

Well, I tried.... Although upgrading the hard drive on this server was unsuccessful, hopefully it was amusing to some of you. Especially those that don't use NT.
posted by mathowie on Jan 30, 2000 - 3 comments

A group of folks from the evolt.org mailing list decided to do something to protest etoys's recent actions. One person purchased a domain, another setup web space, a couple people wrote some articles and I designed the site. Keep that boycott going.
posted by mathowie on Dec 9, 1999 - 0 comments

Woo hoo! I got my story about the 30th anniversary of the Internet posted at Slashdot. My original version included photos, so you might want to check out that version instead.
posted by mathowie on Sep 4, 1999 - 0 comments


Hey I think Jason Kottke linked to me, thanks Jason!
posted by mathowie on Aug 14, 1999 - 1 comment

Wow, this is a great flash site

Wow, this is a great flash site that I've never heard of until I read about it in a book. I can't remember the last time I found a new site in a book. It's funny, with the instantaneous nature of the web and the prevalence of weblogs, it's not often that you see something new from something that was probably written and printed six months ago. Actually, the book has a lot of great finds in it, and it's great to look at.
posted by mathowie on Aug 4, 1999 - 0 comments

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