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Important communication skills

Use "Metatalk" skill to discuss communication problems.
posted by Brandon Blatcher on May 15, 2013 - 46 comments

The Argument Clinic

Would you like to get an anonymous phone call from a stranger who is diametrically opposed to your own political views? Sure, we all do. Now, Political Screaming Match Dot Com is here to help, and can solve this age-old problem in 15 minutes or less.
posted by schmod on Jun 29, 2012 - 57 comments

The Science of Sarcasm? Yeah, Right.

“Sarcasm detector? That’s a really useful invention.” How do humans separate sarcasm from sincerity? Research on the subject is leading to insights about how the mind works. Really. previously
posted by the man of twists and turns on Nov 17, 2011 - 27 comments


Metatalk: "Psychic Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Graphology & Handwriting Analysis." An errant stab in the dark unearthed this amusing conflation. A site search reveled no doubles, so... what am i thinking?
posted by mwhybark on Jul 30, 2006 - 21 comments

Death Valley Wildflowers

Death Valley in bloom. Lots more here and the story is here. Flickr photos with tags deathvalley+flowers. (Full disclosure: I work on Flickr. -ericost) NPR did a segment recently. Desert USA has a guide. The Death Valley National Park news page has a link to two PDFs. Wildflower Update. (via MetaTalk, five fresh fish, monju_bosatsu, ericost, euphorb, ori, and the MeFi community. All text and copy directly lifted from the thread.)
posted by loquacious on Mar 15, 2005 - 24 comments

Posting and You..

Here's a good guide to posting, in flash form.
posted by sequential on Aug 26, 2004 - 9 comments

Now this is what I call Reality TV.

Now this is what I call Reality TV.
I'm surprised we haven't seen more incidents like this outside or around Wrestling shows, or am I missing something? Just for the record, the TV show marred by this tragedy was BattleDOME, NOT BattleBOTS (otherwise, it would have been a pickup truck stabbing an SUV, right?).
posted by wendell on Sep 8, 2000 - 3 comments

In case you missed the metafilter promotion, here's a big fat link.

In case you missed the metafilter promotion, here's a big fat link. And here's where to discuss it in MetaTalk. I think that this post gives me a good enough excuse to say Happy Birthday MeFi on the main page. But I wont.
posted by Neale on Jul 13, 2000 - 0 comments

404: Blog Nicely III has moved to MetaTalk

404: Blog Nicely III has moved to MetaTalk
Please post your comments there. Thank you (This is a recording)
posted by EricBrooksDotCom on Jun 14, 2000 - 0 comments

The new MetaTalk is now live

The new MetaTalk is now live as is the MetaFilter Network site, which also mentions another new site in the works. Discuss the MetaTalk site, and if you want to take issue with me, of all people, self-blogging, do it here.
posted by mathowie on May 7, 2000 - 16 comments

MetaTalk is now live.

MetaTalk is now live. I've been talking about it for a while, and now it's here. The addition of it and the Changelog does crowd up the menus a bit more, but a redesign is in the works so consider this a temporary inconvenience
posted by mathowie on Mar 3, 2000 - 1 comment

New STATUS info for MetaFilter! Now I can see what has happened during the 15 minutes I was away!
posted by CrazyUncleJoe on Feb 11, 2000 - 7 comments

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