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counterfeit cars?

At the CCC, we're dedicated to putting an end to the victimization associated with purchasing a counterfeit MINI Cooper.
posted by tomplus2 on Mar 23, 2005 - 19 comments

Vehicle to autonomous biped robot conversion.

Vehicle to autonomous biped robot conversion for the Mini Cooper r50. I have no idea what this is all about but that doesn't bother me in the least. Amazing.
posted by coudal on Mar 17, 2004 - 23 comments

Goliath lost.

Goliath lost. This and other pro-small billboards are popping up in downtown Atlanta. No doubt they have cousins (little ones, I'm sure) springing up in your cities. I couldn't believe my eyes, because the billboards seemed to be promoting the ever-so-British Mini Cooper.

The Mini is... well... just like it says, the veritable opposite of the stereotypical American SUV. Yes, it is the type of car Mr Bean would drive. But when you see them in their natural Anglo habitat, you can't help but notice they're just perfectly suited to zipping to and from wherever. The site lets you find a dealer, build your own Mini and save it for future reference. The catch is that you have to fill out an opt-in form, but with lines like this as part of your agreement, how could you resist?

"- I agree to chase squirrels around the park now and then and giggle like a madman while doing it."

Yeah. I want one. But will the American public?
posted by grabbingsand on Mar 14, 2002 - 77 comments

The Mini Automobile Website Made Project Cool Sightings. . .

The Mini Automobile Website Made Project Cool Sightings. . . Many of you may have already seen this but, it looks like we had it here first again. While I was taken, as were many of us, with the Mini website and all of it's coolness... I didn't think I'd see it in the "Sightings" section of Project Cool. It seems to be today's pick.
posted by Dean_Paxton on Mar 25, 2000 - 0 comments

Mr. Bean's Car

Mr. Bean's Car To all the die hard Mr. Bean fans, here is a site from the people at Craigs Auto, just print it out then cut away! Also here is a another site with some great sound clips and a movie for Mr. Bean
posted by Max's Daddy on Mar 19, 2000 - 7 comments

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