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Warning. Warning. Nuclear Attack.

Flexi discs are thin, flexible vinyl records designed for incorporation into books and magazines. Popular in both the USA and USSR during the 60s and 70s, production of these discs underwent a ten year hiatus in 2000 before being reintroduced. In January 2011 extreme metal magazine Decibel began incorporating flexis featuring rare and unreleased tracks from the most influential bands in the underground. All the Flexi-Series tracks may be streamed via SoundCloud.

Among the more bizarre entries in the series is a cover of The Specials tune Man At C & A by harsh industrial black metallers Anaal Nathrakh, which sounds very wrong and but really works, particularly if you listen to the original first. Other ear-catching tunes include a G.G. Allin cover by rotted meat enthusiasts Watain; the reintroduction of a revered institution in Godflesh after a 12-year hiatus; and a surprising acoustic rendition of Whispering World by Royal Thunder. [more inside]
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Seminal UK grind outfit Napalm Death were scheduled to play a special one-off performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum in collaboration with an experimental ceramics resident. This performance was to "...be amplified 'through an experimental sculptural sound system' made by ceramic artist Keith Harrison. In a lingering, two-fingered salute to safety concerns, the press release explains that ceramic tile sculpture 'will potentially disintegrate as the performance progresses'." [more inside]
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