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JavaScript: The good and bad parts

The Tale of JavaScript. I Mean ECMAScript. (MP4 version, slides) Yahoo! JavaScript architect Douglas Crockford, the creator of the JSLint JavaScript quality tool and the JSON data-interchange format, talks about what he says is simultaneously the worlds most popular and unpopular programming language. Previous JavaScript (sadly video linked by the FPP is down, try here). Previous Maniac Mansion. More video from MIX Online. A similar, more in depth talk at Google.
posted by Artw on Mar 18, 2010 - 48 comments

History of the browser user-agent string

History of the browser user-agent string
posted by East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 on Sep 9, 2008 - 29 comments

Mint chip anyone?

Screenshots from the new Netscape release. (via waxy)
posted by bluno on Dec 1, 2004 - 34 comments

Netscape market share at an all time low?

Netscape market share at an all time low? Not according to Heise Online, a major news site here in Germany. In their very substantial weblogs, Microsoft went from 66,9% down to 65% from March to August of this year, while Netscape/Mozilla rose from 21,3 % to 22,6 and Opera from 7,8% to 8,4%. (Warning: Link in German, but you will understand the tables at the end of the article easily).
posted by vowe on Aug 28, 2002 - 18 comments

Netscape 7.0 PR1 is out

Netscape 7.0 PR1 is out and includes goodies like tabbed browsing, ICQ and AIM in sidebar panels and P3P cookie management. Seems to be based on a mid-May Mozilla build.
posted by slater on May 22, 2002 - 33 comments

AOL's Netscape sues Microsoft

AOL's Netscape sues Microsoft for damage done to its Netscape Internet browser by violations of antitrust law found in a separate government case against the software giant. "I don't see this case as primarily about money. I see it as primarily about injunctive relief,'' said Steve Salop, a Georgetown University law professor.
posted by hitsman on Jan 22, 2002 - 9 comments

Netscape 4.79

Netscape 4.79 coming soon. Why do they insist on keeping that build alive? Netscape 6.x is finally at a point when it's almost as good as IE 6.0/IE 5 Mac, if not better, so another 4.x release is just very odd. [Netscape 4.79 FTP folder]
posted by riffola on Nov 8, 2001 - 49 comments

Netscape 6.1????

Netscape 6.1???? Have you tried it? Do you like it? Should we get Mikey?
posted by thunder on Aug 25, 2001 - 33 comments

When last we heard, president of Netscape Jim Bankoff was saying that "six months from now, you won't consider Netscape to be a browser company." Many took that statement, coupled with the lack of acceptance of Netscape 6, to mean that the Netscape browser was dead. But Wired.com is reporting today that rumours of Navigator's death have been exaggerated.
posted by tranquileye on Jun 19, 2001 - 39 comments

My God, how I've loathed them over the years for their heart-stopping mix of hubris, brilliance, clueless, utter lack of any discipline whatsoever and oh, the sheer arrogance, but after all these years, it's with a distinct sense of ennui that I read that Netscape is throwing in the towel.
posted by m.polo on Jun 6, 2001 - 53 comments

Netscape 4.77???

Netscape 4.77??? Apparently someone at Netscape/AOL thinks they can polish a turd. KILL IT ALREADY, and end this sham. NS4.x just isn't viable anymore, and continually repackaging it fools no one.
posted by darukaru on Apr 2, 2001 - 62 comments

what will be supported

what will be supported now that browsers are a-changin' again? handy resource from a Netscape product manager.
posted by patricking on Nov 18, 2000 - 0 comments

Netscape 6:

Netscape 6: It's here, it's queer, get used to it. (Actually it pretty much rocks.)
posted by Zeldman on Nov 14, 2000 - 82 comments

Netsape 4.75 released

Netsape 4.75 released as an answer to brown orifice, not the WSP...
posted by Dean_Paxton on Aug 18, 2000 - 3 comments

WaSP! blasts Netscape.

WaSP! blasts Netscape. Good, good, good... about f**king time. All of my Netscape cronies are now using I.E. because of exactly what this letter says.
posted by Dean_Paxton on Jul 21, 2000 - 25 comments

Netscape Communicator 4.74 Final

Netscape Communicator 4.74 Final has been released. This is reported to be the last in the 4.xx series browsers before Netscape 6 comes. Warning: this time it finally tips the scales at just over 20 megabytes for the Win32 version, wow. It's supposed to be a better Linux implimentation.
posted by Dean_Paxton on Jul 19, 2000 - 0 comments

could we have expected

could we have expected anything less? man, visualize whirled peas (one whirled, one browser)...
posted by cadence on May 30, 2000 - 8 comments

A day after a MSIE bug, a Netscape bug.

A day after a MSIE bug, a Netscape bug. I figured I had to post this here, since the anti-Microsoft crowd always posts about the MSIE bugs, but seems to stay reeeeeal quiet when a bug is found in their chosen browser. I wish that people would just acknowledge that all software has bugs, and that discovering them is a helpful link in fixing them.
posted by delfuego on Apr 20, 2000 - 4 comments

Netscape 6 Pre release is Official. . .

Netscape 6 Pre release is Official. . . Looks like Netscape caved in and released the leaked version of Communicator 6. I got it and it's identical to the leaked version posted here earlier. Which is almost identical to Mozilla M14.
BTW, does anyone else have a problem with AOL/Netscape having the entire internet develop it's newest browser through the Mozilla effort while they plan to profit from it? Especially with Mozilla's ardent open source position. Or, is it just me.
posted by Dean_Paxton on Apr 5, 2000 - 29 comments

The Netscape Time Capsule

The Netscape Time Capsule is an amazing site that brings back lots of memories. I distinctly remember firing up the Mosaic versions that used this splash screen, and I remember seeing the original mcom.com site that featured these graphics and these tutorials. If you're having trouble reaching the original site, I also setup a mirror.
posted by mathowie on Dec 28, 1999 - 0 comments

Check out the new Netscape home page.

Check out the new Netscape home page. They're showing three different designs right now, upon reloading either www.netscape.com or home.netscape.com, I'm seeing these designs: old one, new one #1, and new one #2. I like the new one #1 the most. There's probably more stuff on the page than there was before, but it's organized better. It's nice to see someone doing something different than the snap/metacrawler/go/altavista portal madness, I like the new ones a lot better than the old one.
posted by mathowie on Nov 10, 1999 - 5 comments

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