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"Everyone puts them inside their ears, but no one should."

"Plenty of consumer products are widely used in ways other than their core function — books for leveling tables, newspapers for keeping fires aflame, seltzer for removing stains, coffee tables for resting legs — but these cotton swabs are distinct. Q-tips are one of the only, if not the only, major consumer products whose main purpose is precisely the one the manufacturer explicitly warns against." Roberto A. Ferdman of the Washington Post takes a detailed look at what he calls "one of the most perplexing things for sale in America," including a look at the bureaucratic tangle which makes it difficult to quantify annual Q-tip related injuries. (previously)
posted by orthicon halo on Jan 21, 2016 - 86 comments

Needs must when the devil drives

"In principle, it is what scientists call hypodermic insemination: the practice of forcefully depositing sperm outside a female genital tract—and yes, it's as usually as rough as it sounds. Bed bugs are infamous for it, as this type of insemination (also called traumatic insemination) causes major damage to the female and reduces her fitness, though a number of species have been demonstrated to reproduce in this way, including flatworms." These flatworms plunge their penises into their own heads to inject themselves with sperm (when they must). - Christie Wilcox for Discover Magazine's 'Science Sushi' blog. Previously: 1, 2, 3
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome on Jul 2, 2015 - 17 comments

The show must go on

Wherein Dave Grohl proves rock and roll ain't dead. Broken leg or not. [more inside]
posted by raider on Jun 14, 2015 - 73 comments

Ink Punching

Parisian tattoo artist Gue T Deep made a slow motion video of his hand at work.
posted by gman on May 7, 2014 - 12 comments

Eagle-Hawk Death Match in New Jersey

Eagle vs. Hawk to the Death (video, cue to ca. 1:16:50, UStream, violentce alert). Article.
posted by spitbull on Mar 29, 2013 - 45 comments

Just rub some dirt in it.

MTB vs. Soccer
posted by unSane on Dec 14, 2012 - 44 comments

Feel the burn

The hardest 400m race in the world? Planica in Slovenia is known for its ski jump. In the summer, 164 runners from around Europe race up it.
posted by jontyjago on Oct 5, 2012 - 46 comments

Remembering Hermione

Sady Doyle, writing for Global Comment, has released a glowing retrospective of Joanne Rowling's beloved Hermione Granger series of books and movies.
posted by gilrain on Jul 20, 2011 - 252 comments

‘Ouch’: BBC talk show covers life as a “crip”

“Vegetable, Vegetable or Vegetable” is an “intrusive and unpleasant game” featured on Ouch, the hour-long monthly BBC podcast talk show on disability. In it, the show’s hosts must figure out a caller’s disability by asking “fiendish” questions, to which the caller may answer only yes or no. (When it’s all over, Daleks holler out the answer.) This is only one of the many scabrous, puckish, and unskittish ways in which Ouch covers life as a “crip,” a term the show uses unabashedly.
posted by joeclark on May 5, 2010 - 39 comments

I'm shocked, shocked I say!

It feels best at 220 volts. But with the provided replacement plugs, the Vilcus can also be used at 110 volts. Makes a great gift for those special friends. (from the people who brought you the LCD keyboard)
posted by klausness on Feb 17, 2010 - 54 comments

"Oh. Weird. That poor bird"

"I went out, and there was a big egg." (SLYT)
posted by Dipsomaniac on Sep 2, 2009 - 90 comments

Describe in detail. Be objective and specific.

The ultimate exam. 15 questions designed to test your knowledge and abilities in a variety of subjects.
posted by blue_beetle on Jul 19, 2009 - 55 comments

Do you really want to hurt me? I'm thinking you do, Limahl. I'm thinking you do...

1980s pop music hasbeen + swing big band = OMIGOD NO MAKE IT STOP.
posted by miss lynnster on Mar 23, 2009 - 102 comments

"To feel for a feller’s eyestrings and make him tell the news"

"Gouge and Bite, Pull Hair and Scratch:" The Social Significance of Fighting in the Southern Backcountry [more inside]
posted by Bookhouse on Apr 3, 2008 - 34 comments

Bull Poker

Desperate for money? Short on good sense? Bull Poker might be for you! Last one to get up from the table and run for his life wins the pot! All YouTube links. Warning: Some gore and blood. [more inside]
posted by Daddy-O on Feb 15, 2008 - 23 comments

light sleeper?

Operation removes lightbulb from anus. Fateh Mohammad, a prison inmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass lightbulb in his anus.
posted by three blind mice on Jun 30, 2006 - 78 comments

A lack of dignity...

Sports Dignity (Or, rather, the lack thereof.) Alas, sometimes our athletes are just too caught up in the moment to realize what they're doing. Sometimes unfortunate things happen. Sometimes they suffer great pain. (Ugh.) ~NSFW~
posted by jdroth on Apr 13, 2006 - 39 comments

Life Lessons From The ER

Never, ever leave flashlights, shampoo bottles, beer bottles or any long, circular object on the floor because someday you will fall on it and it will somehow, work its way up your rectum. And other important life lessons learned by student doctors from their emergency room rotations.
posted by The Bellman on Feb 2, 2006 - 79 comments

Don't screw with Keith Richards

Don't f*** with Keith Richards. You have been warned.
posted by punkfloyd on Feb 1, 2006 - 122 comments

chop chop chop

Imagine what it might feel like to get hit in the head by a rotating helicopter blade. Johnny Lowe found out two days ago -- and has survived to earn the nickname "Chopper".
posted by soiled cowboy on Dec 28, 2005 - 25 comments


Qigong is the ancient Chinese art of movement and breathing to increase energy, one of its grandmasters being Tu Jin-Sheng of the 99 Qigong. Qigong can be used to relieve stress and maintain good health. Or, if you're like Jin-Sheng, you can use it to tie a truck to your penis and pull it across a parking lot.
posted by XQUZYPHYR on Nov 30, 2005 - 16 comments

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