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Male Scent May Compromise Biomedical Research

Jeffrey Mogil’s students suspected there was something fishy going on with their experiments. They were injecting an irritant into the feet of mice to test their pain response, but the rodents didn’t seem to feel anything. “We thought there was something wrong with the injection,” says Mogil, a neuroscientist at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The real culprit was far more surprising: The mice that didn’t feel pain had been handled by male students. Mogil’s group discovered that this gender distinction alone was enough to throw off their whole experiment—and likely influences the work of other researchers as well. [more inside]
posted by Blasdelb on Apr 29, 2014 - 82 comments

Private and Confidential

Bush and Blairline-dancing, The Queen on the loo, Marilyn wanking (nsfw). The phototgraphy of Alison Jackson blends the real and the irreal.
posted by Artw on Nov 27, 2009 - 25 comments

"Well, you think we'd be leading with THAT story..."

Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC channels the popular outrage over Paris Hilton oversaturation during a time when mainstream media has grown bored with the war.
posted by hermitosis on Jun 27, 2007 - 77 comments

That's Hot

TV actress and hotel heiress Paris Hilton, infamous for her inadvertent comedic stylings on reality show "The Simple Life", was ordered to return to serve her incarceration sentence today. The order comes fast on the heels of an evacuation from her correctional facility in Lynwood due to supposed health problems(nsfw).
posted by Stynxno on Jun 8, 2007 - 294 comments

Comparing Heiresses

Amongst the many companies with offices in Manhattan is a multibillion-dollar French conglomerate that handles "diversified commodities, energy, shipping, real estate, manufacturing, and communications." The owner, Gerard, is one of the richest men in the world, and, at 75, his children and grandchildren stand to inheirit a tidy sum of perhaps half a billion each upon his passing. Unless you've been in a cave for a few decades, one of them has — given syndication, perhaps even daily — been making you laugh for a long, long time. A heiress and princess who you first met live from New York (where she met her husband), then a yuppie in a movie of Christmas indignities, and finally in a small, barely aired show about, er, nothing ... meet Elaine Julia, the multibillion-dollar heiress, Northwestern dropout, Emmy-winning actress, and even a distant relative of Richard Dreyfuss. And then compare her to a certain other celebrity heiress.
posted by WCityMike on May 2, 2007 - 52 comments

The Trash Princess: Why Americans love to hate Paris Hilton.

The Trash Princess: Why Americans love to hate Paris Hilton. "You don’t need to share Osama bin Laden’s view of America to see that Paris mirrors us at our contemporary worst. But something still doesn’t compute: Why, if Paris says so much about us, do Americans—not just college professors and the commentariat but celebrity watchers and tabloid junkies—hate her so much? And why, if she is so offensive, is she so ubiquitous?"
posted by Kraftmatic Adjustable Cheese on Nov 21, 2006 - 142 comments

Bansky Vs Paris Hilton

Street Artist Banksy "Shop Drops" 500 remixed copies of Paris Hilton's new album across the UK

Instead of Ms Hilton's own compositions, the replacement CD features 40 minutes of a basic rhythm track over which Banksy has dubbed Ms Hilton's catchphrase "That's hot!" and other extracts from her reality TV programme The Simple Life. Inside the accompanying booklet, a picture of the heiress emerging from a luxury car has been retouched to include a group of homeless people. In another shot, Ms Hilton's head has been superimposed on a shop window mannequin beneath a banner reading: "Thou Shalt Not Worship False Icons". [Independent] Mp3 soon, no doubt.
posted by takeyourmedicine on Sep 3, 2006 - 57 comments

penthouse dealers

"Were there U.K. publications?" Hilton responded: "No... there is stuff in London." Hilton's lawyer, Larry Stein, jumped in: "London is a U.K. publication." Her retort: "Right. U.K. Whatever."
posted by The Jesse Helms on Jan 20, 2006 - 58 comments

Ho Ho Ho

Is Christmas under attack? Who knows. But Joe Moretti's neighbors are feeling a might uncomfortable. This calls for a creche of cryingbaby!Jeebus and his wtf angels.
posted by FunkyHelix on Dec 9, 2005 - 30 comments

That's hot.

We all knew it was gonna happen eventually... a new, super hot parody of the Carl's Jr. I Love Paris campaign is out.
Actually, "hot" probably isn't the right word. Y'know... sometimes full body waxing for men seems really underrated.
posted by miss lynnster on Jun 16, 2005 - 29 comments

If Ed Anger had a son....

Rants. (Quicktime movies.) Meet Bob. He's pissed. I'm partial to his takes on the Cookie Monster, Vegas ads, the filthy media, Paris Hilton and lo carb OJ.
posted by CunningLinguist on May 18, 2005 - 33 comments


Paris Hilton's sidekick hacked - (NSFW) photos that were on it and her entire address book. complete with topless photos and email address!
posted by mgkaelen on Feb 20, 2005 - 206 comments

Tinkerbell and Dong Resin, Together Again?

Worst. NewsFilter. Ever. "No details are available", but at last count, Google News had over 250 sources for the "Paris Hilton's Missing Dog" non-news story. I'm a dog lover myself, and was once broken-hearted by the loss of a chihuahua, but too few alleged journalists are treating this 'news' with even a small dose of the disrespect it genuinely deserves. Meanwhile one TV show is crowing about getting "the scoop" (but apparently not on their own website, which can't even spell Rumor). But The Daily News and USA Today connected the story to Tinkerbell's upcoming book, ghost-written by MeFi's beleved Dong "Don't Call Me 'D'" Resin, and USAToady gave the book a sidebar story. Which raises the big question: with the book's release about two weeks away, could our own Delightful Dong have been the dognapper? I've seen worse publicity stunts for a book.

In other entertainment news, remember the suitcase full of priceless Beatles memorabilia? Well, a Beatlemania expert says It's Fake. You just can't trust anybody these days.
posted by wendell on Aug 19, 2004 - 18 comments

Mefite pens book, is better than the rest of us (save Miguel).

Remember dong_resin? Of course you do. He's a lovable rapscallion--an affable sort (I don't actually know him but play along). Well, some months back, Mr. Resin penned (in the virtual sense) a blog entry entitled Tink Hilton : One Dog Screaming, a piece about Paris Hilton told from the perspective of her dog. You may, if you're a fan of "the resin" (as I've never called him), have noticed he hasn't been around Metafilter (or his blog) all that often lately. Apparently, he has an explanation: it seems that someone from Warner Books saw the entry and asked him to write a short novel. The result? A short novel with a long name, The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries : My Life Tailing Paris Hilton, which goes on sale in September.
disclaimer: I do not know the donger in any way, shape, or form, and my shilling (if it is perceived that way) is born out of unadulterated, likely unreciprocated, and clearly unnatural love (or maybe I just thought it was interesting: you decide).
posted by The God Complex on May 12, 2004 - 35 comments

I hear Osama likes anchovies on his.

Paris Hilton and John Ashcroft are #1 and #2, respectively, on the list of fake names used by people ordering pizza. In other news, people with Dean bumper stickers on their car tip more than those with Bush bumper stickers. And 42 percent of Americans will have pizza on New Year's Eve, while only 2 percent will have caviar. (All this courtesy of a Domino's Pizza survey.)
posted by Vidiot on Dec 29, 2003 - 7 comments

Paris' Simple Life Beats Bush's Saddam Interview

Paris Beats Bush
More viewers watched The Simple Life than George Bush's interview with Diane Sawyer. What does that say about America?
posted by fenriq on Dec 19, 2003 - 41 comments

What would you do if you had a multi-million dollar trust fund and the knowledge that you would one day inherit a billion dollar empire?
Lots of coke and champagne apparently. Then, of course, you'd build a website to show everyone how much fun being sickeningly rich is.
posted by TiggleTaggleTiger on Dec 6, 2001 - 53 comments

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