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Pierelli 2006 Calender

If you're going to run a Ferrari repairshop, you want to make sure your softcore is classy enough. Italian tire manufacture, Pirelli "offers you the unique opportunity to view many photos shot for the calendars but never published in the definitive editions, as well as know about the artistic directors, backstage, models, photographers and the story of the most awaited calendar in the world." So it's not just about gorgeous women in various states on undress, it's art damnit. (NSFW, Flash)
posted by Keith Talent on Nov 22, 2005 - 31 comments

Serious News And Soft Porn: Are They, In Fact, The Same Thing? ;)

All The Nudes That Are Fit To Print: It's no exaggeration to say La Repubblica is Italy's finest newspaper. It's liberal, modern, intelligent and independent. Along with Spain's El Pais; France's Libération and Le Monde; the UK's Guardian; Germany's Die Zeit and Portugal's Público, it's one of the mainstays of the European Left and Centre-Left. And yet its website offers calendars in the, er, Pirelli tradition of time-keeping. Imagine the New York Times being similarly... liberal. Can soft prOn and serious reporting live together? Is it an Italian thing? The only other example I can think of is Spain's Interviú, a magazine which in its heyday mixed superb (again, left-leaning) investigative journalism with politically incorrect - and photographically retouched - tits and ass. (NSFW, obviously, unless you're somewhere in Southern Europe or Louisiana.)
posted by MiguelCardoso on Oct 29, 2003 - 49 comments

A small plane has ran into a skyscraper in Milan.

A small plane has ran into a skyscraper in Milan.  CNN is reporting that a small plane has struck the 25th floor of the Pirelli building. The skyscraper apparently houses government offices. Details are still coming in.
posted by bshort on Apr 18, 2002 - 64 comments

PIRELLI Calendar 2002: Beyond Nudity

PIRELLI Calendar 2002: Beyond Nudity They blew it, flushed 30 years of tradition down the drain, destroyed a 20th century's socio-cultural phenomenon. Slow and erratic loading, but see all the Pirelli Calendars from 1964 to 2001. Is "...total nudity no longer fashionable..." or is this the real reason : "Bush niece is Pirelli Cover Girl." ?
posted by Voyageman on Nov 9, 2001 - 14 comments

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