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Bet your paycheck?

Here’s $100. Can you win $800 million at Powerball? (SLLATimes)
posted by Huck500 on Jan 8, 2016 - 185 comments

When To Start Caring About the Powerball Jackpot

Walter Hickey at Business Insider looks at when you should buy a Powerball ticket and whether to take the lump sum or annuity if you win.
posted by reenum on Sep 28, 2013 - 50 comments

Jack Whittaker's Powerball tragedy.

The day would come when many West Virginians recalled the story of Jack's Powerball Christmas with a shudder at the magnitude of ruination: families asunder, precious lambs six feet under, folks undone by the lure of all that easy money.
posted by Egg Shen on Nov 29, 2012 - 68 comments

The Tax on Unlucky People

Tonight's Powerball lottery drawing was for more than half a billion dollars, the 2nd largest in U.S. history. The Multi-state Lottery Association answers your frequently asked and not so frequently asked questions about the Powerball Lottery with a side of snark. Find out if you won the Powerball Jackpot.
posted by Jahaza on Nov 28, 2012 - 74 comments

Do you feel lucky, punk?

The Powerball Simulator lets you play two tickets a week for as long as you like, and keeps track of how much money you've lost at it.
posted by Pope Guilty on Aug 13, 2012 - 113 comments

Papa needs a new appropriations bill!

Missouri is facing a state budget deficit, much like many other states. One state representative has come up with an interesting possible solution to Missouri's financial woes: the Powerball Lottery. Missouri HB 2131 would deduct $2 twice a month to purchase a Powerball ticket with any winnings being placed in "Governor Nixon's Scratch-off, Match-off Fund."
posted by borkencode on Mar 4, 2010 - 28 comments

Lottery Madness Grips the Delusional Nation

Lottery Madness Grips the Delusional Nation
Odds of winning Powerball: 80 million to one
Odds of dying in an airplane crash: 7 million to one
Odds of being hit by lightening: 600,000 to one
Odds of perishing in a California earthquake: 600,000 to one
Odds of dying in an automobile accident: 20,000 to one

While legalized gambling may suck, at least your life is priceless?
posted by yarf on Aug 22, 2001 - 32 comments

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