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The dawn of an era, available and emulated in your browser to play.

A few months ago there was a list of links to classic video game emulators posted. Very recently, I'm pleased to report, those links all came true. The Internet Archive bespoke upon aforementioned consoles, computers, and mileposts on our way to the tech utopia of today, (seriously, where's my flying car?) and they asked us to do something: Imagine every computer that ever existed, literally, in your browser. And it was so. I have absolutely no affiliation with jscott, btw. Thought I should disclose that.
posted by jdaura on Oct 25, 2013 - 37 comments

just some blokes singing some songs

Here come old flat top, coming down fast, standing by a parking meter, oh what joy, I'll never do you no harm, and you're working for no one but me. [more inside]
posted by flapjax at midnite on Aug 1, 2011 - 22 comments

Thanks for the music, Mr. Starkey

One of the most rhythmically solid, tastefully understated and (all too often) criminally underrated drummers in the history of rock music turned 70 today, and you'll forgive me if I couldn't let the day pass without a nod in his direction. You've probably heard of him. [more inside]
posted by flapjax at midnite on Jul 7, 2010 - 98 comments

A meme is born

OH JOHN RINGO NO. [more inside]
posted by i_am_a_Jedi on May 2, 2008 - 45 comments

Improve your Rock Band drumming technique

Improve your Rock Band drumming technique. Rock Band as in the videogame, that is.
posted by nthdegx on Jan 11, 2008 - 124 comments

Vigilante Justice is Blind

"America's First Sightless Gunslinger" is upset that Minnesota denied him a gun permit. After all, he has permits from North Dakota and Utah. Carey McWilliams, the shootist, is also worried that North Dakota will lower standards for issuing a permit, but luckily Tucker Carlson is on the job. Videos, explanations of his shooting technique, and links to purchase his autobiography "Guide Dogs and Guns: America's First Blind Marksman Fires Back" (his is also the author of "Moonlight's Meridian: Nuclear Terrorism And the Undead ") are all posted on his personal website. But can we trust this guy? Is he really the first Sightless Gunslinger? Ringo Star and Armand Assante may have something to say about it.
posted by Muddler on May 16, 2007 - 20 comments

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