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A frightened man?

Ralph Nader appraises Obama's first 9 months as president (guess how he feels). Warning: video starts automatically (with bizarre illustrative clips occasionally thrown in). [more inside]
posted by leibniz on Oct 14, 2009 - 189 comments

Say good night, Gracie.

Gore Vidal. Ralph Nader. Two men, praise worthy in the past, who perhaps now need to go home and take a nap. 2LYT
posted by mojohand on Nov 5, 2008 - 134 comments

PIRG/Fund/GCI = WalMart/Enron/Exxon

The Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) / the Fund for Public Interest Research (the Fund) / Grassroots Campaigns Inc (GCI) = the WalMart/Enron/Exxon of the progressive/liberal activist industry. [much more and much better linkage inside]
posted by snortlebort on Dec 4, 2006 - 41 comments

Nader Challenges Black Box Voting

Nader Challenges Black Box Voting in NH
posted by snakey on Nov 5, 2004 - 50 comments

is Nedra Pickler the author?

No need to actually vote, folks: the Election result has already been written by the AP: At this hour, President Bush has won re-election as president by a 47 percent to 43 percent margin in the popular vote nationwide. Ralph Nader has 1 percent of the vote nationwide. That's with 51 percent of the precincts reporting. (they say it's a test article, but who ever heard of an election results article being pre-written?)
posted by amberglow on Oct 7, 2004 - 32 comments

don't blame me, i voted for kodos

"Consumer advocate Ralph Nader's quixotic presidential campaign says it submitted about 5,400 signatures to get on the Michigan ballot, far short of the required number of 30,000. Luckily for him, approximately 43,000 signatures were filed by Michigan Republicans on his behalf, more than meeting the requirement." In a two-party system, do third parties become nothing but stooges?
posted by reklaw on Jul 25, 2004 - 94 comments

Nader's nadir

The Green Party rejects Ralph Nader. On the second ballot at the Green Party nominating convention held today in Milwaukee, WI, David Cobb defeated Peter Camajo (Nader's running mate) for the Green Party nomination, thereby denying Nader automatic placement onto the ballot in 23 states.
posted by thewittyname on Jun 26, 2004 - 16 comments


DontvoteRalph.net "Look at just a few of those who supported Nader in 2000, but see that this year is crucially different: Noam Chomsky, Ben Cohen, Peter Coyote, Phil Donahue, Ronnie Dugger, Jim Hightower, Robert McChesney, Michael Moore, and Bonnie Raitt. In fact, can you think of a prominent supporter from 2000 who supports him in 2004? Are we all members of Nader’s “liberal inteligentsia”? Or is the Bush presidency simply such a disaster that we realize there is only one responsible action for real progressives? Despite Mr. Nader’s inevitable disagreement, we don’t think everyone is out of step but Ralph." | So who is supporting Nader? Some think its the GOP.
posted by skallas on Jun 23, 2004 - 41 comments

2–for–1 Voting

Electoral slight of hand is suggested by NYT columnist Bruce Ackerman in his opinion piece for May 5th, where he suggest that Nader choose Kerry's electoral slate when filing for the November election. It's a clever idea, and I'd be interested in seeing if it has any traction.
posted by silusGROK on May 5, 2004 - 52 comments

My Life as Ralph Nader's Flunkie

My Life as Ralph Nader's Flunkie Ralph Nader believes an independent candidacy should "generate more understandings and support for major new directions for our country." His website says these new directions include "repeal of laws that obstruct trade union organization by millions of workers mired in poverty by wages that cannot meet their minimum family livelihoods." The site prescribes "a living wage for tens of millions of workers making under $10 an hour." But the perennial leftist candidate, whose name will appear on the presidential ballot for the third consecutive time this November, has not played by the same rules he strives to make binding for corporations and private businesses.
posted by Postroad on Apr 27, 2004 - 19 comments

Ralph Nader: The Unchallenged Hero of Muslims

Ralph Nader: The Unchallenged Hero of Muslims Before you jump to note that the magazine this appears in is Right of Center, what you need to ask is how well documented is the case being made. For me, what is of interest is that if Nader is in fact liked by Muslims, as this suggests, then Muslims may vote for him and take votes away from Bush or would they take votes from Democrats? [...]Nader must have made quite an impression, because the next year, ICNA's former president invited him to headline an Islamic conference in Florida with none other than Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais, a top Saudi cleric who has called on Allah to "terminate" Jews -- "the scum of humanity" and "grandsons of monkeys and pigs" -- while urging Muslims to shun peace with Israel.[...]
posted by Postroad on Mar 26, 2004 - 31 comments

Move towards the light, Ralph, the light!.....

Ralph Nader's Dark Alliance - (LA Weekly) In search of support for his candidacy, "...Nader has now jumped into bed with the ultrasectarian cult-racket formerly known as the New Alliance Party and its guru, Fred Newman" who "recruits and controls his followers through a brainwashing scheme baptized "social therapy," designed to create blind allegiance to Newman", and who has "dipped his rhetoric in the poisonous blood-libel of anti-Semitism, denouncing Jews as "storm troopers of decadent capitalism."". More on this right wing cult ( via Orcinus)
posted by troutfishing on Mar 4, 2004 - 19 comments

Nader running in 2004

Ralph Nader announces 2004 presidential bid. Nader revealed on Meet the Press this morning (transcript here) that he will run as an independent candidate for the 2004 presidential race. (Follow-up from here and here)
posted by XQUZYPHYR on Feb 22, 2004 - 174 comments

Darth Nader

Ralph Nader wants your opinion on whether he should run in '04. Via TPM.
posted by goethean on Dec 19, 2003 - 51 comments

It begins.

Ralph Nader forms 2004 exploratory committee. As Josh Marshall notes, the web site appears empty but has most of its information hidden behind a blank index page, including the FAQ which, of course, addresses the... incident... in Florida.
posted by XQUZYPHYR on Dec 2, 2003 - 55 comments

Candidate Kucinich gets a blog.

Candidate Kucinich gets a blog. Dennis Kucinich has jumped into the weblog arena, making his own posts and accepting comments. He even has an RSS feed. Kucinich's campaign is drawing the largest crowds of any candidate and is expected to perform well in the MoveOn Primary. Kucinich faces tough opposition from Dean, but his support for military budget cuts and tougher accounting practices set him apart from the other candidates. Studs Terkel says "Kucinich Is the One", and Ralph Nader not only encouraged Kucinich to run, but invited him to speak on the Democracy Rising tour. Will Nader endorse the Kucinich campaign? Can Dennis move the Democratic Party to the left and bring the Greens back into the fold?
posted by insomnia_lj on Jun 23, 2003 - 31 comments

Nader takes on the SEC, will a campaign be next?

Nader takes on the SEC, will a campaign be next? Bit by bit, Ralph Nader does what he does best, annoying those who abuse power. This last year, he has kept with advocacy that is in parallel with smart campaign strategy and the creation of the SEC watchdog group is an example of that. The Greens are still debating him in the forums, wondering if he is still their guy. Maybe they should be asking if he's OUR guy?
posted by StormBear on Mar 4, 2003 - 4 comments

Ralph repents? Or something?

Ralph repents? Or something? The man many Democrats see as just a few steps short of an evil spawn of Satan for being a 2000 election spoiler has issued statements of support for 13 non-Green candidates in tight races. These are all Democrats, including Jean Carnahan (Mo.), Tim Johnson (S.D.) and Tom Strickland (Co.). "I certainly don't want Republicans controlling Congress," Nader said. What happened to the "things have to get worse before they get better" theory? Or has the situation in D.C. indeed grown so bad that at least some Dems. are turning far enough left for Nader? (Note: He'd thrown support behind Wellstone, even though there's a Green candidate for Senate in Minn.)
posted by raysmj on Oct 31, 2002 - 44 comments

Ralph Nader's at it again.

Ralph Nader's at it again. The Nation's Top Consumer Watchdog apparently is a Kings fan. He's taking the NBA to task for the phantom fouls and blatant non-calls in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals. Can't say as I blame him though. That was some pretty crappy officiating. But doesn't he have better things to do?
posted by shecky57 on Jun 5, 2002 - 36 comments

Online Audio Recordings: UC Berkeley Lectures and Events

Online Audio Recordings: UC Berkeley Lectures and Events Including speeches by James Baldwin, Walter Blum, Malcolm X, and Noam Chomsky, to name a few.
posted by RobertLoch on Apr 13, 2002 - 13 comments

"This war would never have happened had I been president."

"This war would never have happened had I been president." Ralph Nader being interviewed by the Chicago Tribune yesterday. [reg. req'd] Nader says, "because for 30 years we have had an aviation safety group, and we have been urging the airlines to toughen cockpit doors and improve the strength of the locks, and they have been resisting for 30 years." [via Matt Welch.com]
posted by tsarfan on Feb 19, 2002 - 51 comments

Enron? Nader is glad you asked

Enron? Nader is glad you asked While Democrats are readily dismissive of Nader's efforts, claiming he wrecked their chnces in the last election, the Demorats and the Republicans seemed incapable of standing up to the corporations and the largesse being handed out. Could Nader have made a difference? Or, better, can he now make a difference?
posted by Postroad on Feb 10, 2002 - 9 comments

Nader to Gates:

Nader to Gates: "It is significant that a small number of persons who run the company hold a substantial share of the stock in the company, a fact that is very unusual for such a large publicly traded corporation."

"This also raises questions about whether or not these persons, including yourself, are accumulating these staggering sums of cash to advance other agendas, rather than to advance the interest of shareholders."

Nader Nader Nader
posted by crasspastor on Jan 8, 2002 - 29 comments

Is Nader Right?

Is Nader Right? Or is he just fooling himself? I mean, even I can tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Apparently, the best Ralph can ever hope for is to ruin the Democratic party. If I were a Republican, I'd be donating to the Green party right about now.
posted by Jart on Sep 6, 2001 - 69 comments

Unrepentant Nader

Unrepentant Nader Is Nader a Sancho Panza, the realist, or Don Quixote, the dreamer, when he says Bush policies toward environment help ignite attention to our needs and thus good to have? Or is he just a guy who can't believe he might have been wrong?
posted by Postroad on Apr 23, 2001 - 76 comments

Nader editorial in the WSJ

Nader editorial in the WSJ (with another guy). They were prolly watered down a lot and given that "two cheers for the president" sub-title, but Nader still seems remarkably sanguine about Bush's plans to rein in corporate welfare.
posted by kliuless on Mar 7, 2001 - 4 comments

"My Untold Story"

"My Untold Story" - What if we threw a presidential campaign and nobody came? Ralph explains how he tried to engage the press, and why it didn't work.
posted by fleener on Jan 26, 2001 - 20 comments

Concerned About Frankenfood?

Concerned About Frankenfood? Ralph Nader has some ideas.
posted by snakey on Jan 8, 2001 - 25 comments

What went wrong for Ralph?

What went wrong for Ralph? Now that the whining and accusations has died down a little, it's time to finally ask the hard question: So why did Ralph Nader do so badly?. Did his campaign drift too far left? Was Winnona LaDuke the right running mate? Did the Green party help or hurt him? What did Nader himself do to screw his own campaign.
posted by lagado on Nov 28, 2000 - 16 comments

Nader recommends a coin toss for Bush/Gore - sounds good to me
posted by gluechunk on Nov 23, 2000 - 6 comments

Looks like the end is in sight.

Looks like the end is in sight. And I'm glad. I'm so sick of the political rhetoric I could puke. I wish more people could address these issues with clear thinking, instead of defaulting to the rhetoric of the side they tend to favor. If anyone else says 'The American people want...' I will puke. Looks like Bush is going to win. Who cares? Nader is right: they've both been bought and sold. People who harp on 'the very clear policy differences' aren't making enough allowances for the other dynamics.
posted by Sean Meade on Nov 22, 2000 - 12 comments

I know it is cheap and easy to link to Salon, but I imagine this might make interesting conversation.
We can thank Nader and his supporters for the election mess -- and they're not even sorry.
Don't you idiots know the Democratic party owns your votes? Quit being so selfish.
posted by thirteen on Nov 16, 2000 - 46 comments

Nader wins!!!

Nader wins!!! Well, sort of. An amusing story of hackers taking the election into their own hands....
posted by bkdelong on Nov 14, 2000 - 2 comments

GORE: Mr. Nader will not be getting a Christmas card

GORE: Mr. Nader will not be getting a Christmas card from the Gore family.
posted by acridrabbit on Nov 9, 2000 - 1 comment

Live election night coverage from Nader HQ!

Live election night coverage from Nader HQ! Ralph Nader + weblog format = obvious metafilter post.
posted by fraying on Nov 7, 2000 - 1 comment

So, I guess, everyone is now ready for the greatest competition on Earth? It sure took long enough to get here and everyone has been intensively jockeying for position. It looks like it's going to be a exciting event. The whole world will be watching.
What, the election? No, of course not, I'm talking about the one and only Melbourne Cup. Needless to say, I'm backing Diatribe (9 to 1). Oh, and here's one more election story.
posted by lagado on Nov 6, 2000 - 10 comments

Why the Democratic Party would rather lose this election

Why the Democratic Party would rather lose this election -- Michael Albert clarifies the strategic implications of voting Nader: "Liberals talk and write as though the most important thing in captivity is their winning the election, or at least Bush not winning it. But at the top of their campaign, centrally important policies demonstrate that winning the election is not, in fact, their first priority. For them, priority one is serving the interests of their elite constituencies, and, just below that, of the Party itself...."

Also: hard-core Nader junkies should check out this vigorous (but quite long) rant: What every Republicrat should know (but is afraid to ask)

And, finally, a reason to join Greenpeace: new executive director John Passacantando takes a refreshingly sane, nonhysterical approach to Election 2000. Amen.
posted by johnb on Nov 5, 2000 - 24 comments

Nader Responds to Accusations of Hypocrisy

Nader Responds to Accusations of Hypocrisy “I will fight for the U’wa and investor accountability by backing a shareholder resolution at the next Annual General Meeting of Fidelity Investments–one of the largest shareholders in Occidental Petroleum and I urge social and environmental screens as a filter for all holdings."
posted by snakey on Nov 3, 2000 - 13 comments

Gore Camp Attacks Nader's Sex Life

Gore Camp Attacks Nader's Sex Life Nader responds: "If this does not open the eyes of the American people, nothing will."
posted by snakey on Nov 2, 2000 - 24 comments

One, err... several reasons to vote nader.

One, err... several reasons to vote nader. more inside.
posted by tiaka on Nov 2, 2000 - 17 comments

Nader Pro and Con (omnibus).

Nader Pro and Con (omnibus). The L.A. Weekly brings you about 20 prominent liberals' statements on whether they are voting Nader or Gore, and why ... captures pretty much all of the nuances in once place.
posted by MattD on Nov 2, 2000 - 0 comments

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura talks about his bid at Governership and voting your conscience. There's more than a little in common here between his campaign and Ralph's.
posted by skallas on Nov 1, 2000 - 0 comments

The Village Voice Endorses Ralph Nader for President

The Village Voice Endorses Ralph Nader for President This comes on the heels that Nader reportedly refuses to accept a bribe to drop out of the race.
posted by snakey on Nov 1, 2000 - 4 comments

RLC's crypto-Nader ad in Realplayer (lo-fi)

RLC's crypto-Nader ad in Realplayer (lo-fi)
And the Hi-fi version See this post for context.
posted by rschram on Oct 31, 2000 - 0 comments

Nader's new television ad

Nader's new television ad parodies those hilarious monster.com ads with the little kids hoping they'll grow up to have crappy jobs. In the Nader ad, the kids hope they'll grow up to have the same crappy politicians, sold out to corporations, with no real change.
posted by daveadams on Oct 31, 2000 - 6 comments

Three major environmental groups break with Nader

Three major environmental groups break with Nader "You pledged you would not campaign as a spoiler and would avoid the swing states,” [Sierra Club’s executive director] Pope added. “Your recent campaign rhetoric and campaign schedule make it clear that you have broken this pledge." (via the blorg.)
posted by rebeccablood on Oct 31, 2000 - 31 comments

The Ralph Nader Control Panel

The Ralph Nader Control Panel I don't know quite whether to laugh because it's amusing, or to be very, very afraid because it's probably true.
posted by dnash on Oct 31, 2000 - 24 comments

California shuts down Nader-Gore vote trading site.

California shuts down Nader-Gore vote trading site. This is absolutely ridiculous. "William Wood, chief counsel for the office of the secretary of state, said yesterday morning that trading for anything valuable is illegal. "
posted by bkdelong on Oct 31, 2000 - 12 comments

Not exactly "Green".

Not exactly "Green". "The trouble is, Nader seems uneasy being Green. He refuses to join the party (never has joined one, and swears he never will). And while he matches the Greens in anticorporate fervor—our current government is "of the Exxons, by the General Motors, and for the DuPonts," he says—the environment seems rather low on his policy agenda. Last year he devoted just three of his weekly syndicated newspaper columns to the subject. "
posted by owillis on Oct 30, 2000 - 8 comments

Unsafe in any state.

Unsafe in any state. Salon trashes the Nader campaign big time, mainly claiming that his run for the Presidency is "reckless" and "dangerous". In an alleged democracy, doesn't any candidate who passes muster with the entry requirements have the right to run for the office?
posted by ethmar on Oct 30, 2000 - 38 comments

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