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Don't worry, replicas can't feel any emotions. Except for pain—and love.

Building A Human: An instructional film made by The Visitors for Human Collaborators on Edité-Frignim (Earth).
posted by EXISTENZ IS PAUSED on Apr 26, 2013 - 12 comments

Radio Spiritworld broadcasting on 6.22 megahertz in the 49 metre band on shortwave and selected ouija boards

Radio Spiritworld (Inter-dimensional) is the only station broadcasting from the afterlife into the living world. Well, actually it's a half an hour of wonderfully inventive audio-comedy from Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper, writers and creators of Look Around You, who between them have worked on or appeared in all the recent British comedies you love. [iTunes download link]
posted by Kattullus on Dec 31, 2010 - 12 comments

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