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Don't disrespect Scientology

Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park' Forgive the link to Fox News, however it is an AP story.
posted by Tablecrumbs on Mar 14, 2006 - 102 comments

All of the young people mentioned in this story, save Natalie, are considered by the church hierarchy to be Potential Trouble Sources.

Scientology has a plausible explanation for everything they do -- that's the genius of it," says Sara. "But make no mistakes: Scientology is brainwashing." [Previous MeFi Scientology Threads]
posted by nuclear_soup on Mar 1, 2006 - 105 comments

Hollywood's Newest Museum [sic]

Psychiatry: an Industry of Death. That's the name of Hollywood's newest museum, kicked off in style by Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, Giovanni Ribisi, Jenna Elfman and other celebs. It's sponsored by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a "psychiatric watchdog group" sponsored by guess who.
posted by gottabefunky on Dec 27, 2005 - 95 comments

Queer Eye For The Thetan Guy.

There's been alot of discussion, both in the mainstream media and in a plethora of links here on MeFi, about the Christian Right's view on the issues of gay marriage and abortion. But what of The Church of Scientology? Well, as it turns out, they're not big fans. But much like Christianity, there is apparently a 'moderate' Scientology as well, and at least one ex-member argues that Scientology has no strong edicts in regards to gay marriage. An interesting insight into how a big ticket issue is considered and debated within one of the world's major cults.
posted by Effigy2000 on Nov 21, 2005 - 35 comments

Answer this, Tom Cruise

Penthouse Interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr Chilling interview with the son of Scientology's founder.
posted by konolia on Nov 18, 2005 - 109 comments

don't be so shellfish!

Those crazy Scientologists are at it again. This time, a New Zealand website owner has been ordered to relinquish his clever domain name, scienTOMogy.info under threat of legal action. The site, an ugly-looking collection of links to other Scientology-debunking websites, serves as a clearinghouse for information about one of the church's most notorious members, Tom Cruise. CoS claims the domain is similar enough to their official website address to be confusing to Internet users.
posted by wakko on Oct 19, 2005 - 42 comments

At least Szasz sort of had a point.

This fall, Professor Tom Cruise will favor us with a four-part lecture series on The Modern Science of Mental Health. Personally, I'm looking forward to "Diagnosis and Treatment of So-Called Clinical Depression with the Hubbard Mark Super VII Quantum Electropsychometer", which may well be on its way to becoming the most downloaded video ever, after Triumph and that Star Wars kid. [via]
posted by mowglisambo on Sep 27, 2005 - 75 comments

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say, "What The Fuck"

Tom Cruise Is Nuts dot com.
posted by fandango_matt on Jul 9, 2005 - 65 comments

Scientology's Prisons and Slave Labor

Here's an account of conditions and abuse in a Scientology prison camp. Considering Scientology's philosophy, the use of prisons and slave labor (often used for the benefit of celebrities) shouldn't be surprising. (for these links, you may need a good dictionary)
posted by pandaharma on Jun 24, 2005 - 55 comments

Cruising for a bruising

Has anyone else noticed actor Tom Cruise going more and more wacky in public? Is his love affair with the hot-young-actress really a sham? Is this a PR stunt run dangerously wild, or Scientology in action? Oprah's scared, are you? The folks at FreeKatie.net think you should be.
posted by BrodieShadeTree on Jun 14, 2005 - 109 comments


Scientology extends a tentacle into public schools. Just as adults can have a hard time getting drug treatments without a heavy dose of Jebus, now the Scientologists are trying to cut in earlier and give school kids a heavy dose of L. Ron via the drug prevention program Narcanon, provided free to schools.
posted by badstone on Jun 9, 2004 - 31 comments

Self-help equals self-harm?

Self-help equals self-harm? Are self-help books harmful rather than helpful? This article argues that dissatisfaction with one's abilities and achievements will not not be helped by affirmations of self-worth. Nor will we succeed in coping with the bitter feelings for those who have wronged us by practing the "anger therapy" of slamming a punching bag. [More Inside]
posted by gregb1007 on Dec 1, 2003 - 24 comments

Oh... the evils of psychotherapy.

Oh... the evils of psychotherapy. And they are many - by turning to therapists, we don't get the strong emotional bonds that are the benefit of sharing your trouble with friends. (More Inside)
posted by gregb1007 on Nov 18, 2003 - 35 comments

Travolta loves you!

You too can discover the wonders of Scientology. Please take with you this educational material straight from the 70's. [via Daypop]
posted by Dr_Octavius on Jun 26, 2003 - 27 comments

Show Scientology the Money.

Tom Cruise is lobbying politicians for money. Will the story ofXenu be taught in schools? Will our govenrment fund it? Will the Thetans ever recover their god-like powers?

What does The Church of Scientology need money from the Government for? Is the most expensive religion in the world running out of money from Suing and Harrassing everyone who speaks out against Scientology?
posted by da5id on Jun 19, 2003 - 30 comments

I don't know, what's Xenu with you?

The non-serious voice of Scientology? Scientology apparently used to have a sense of humor. Make sure to check out the cover art! (via boing boing)
posted by padraigin on Apr 9, 2003 - 15 comments


ScientologyWatch.org - a blog that's sure to bug Norwegian fishermen, Brazilian soccer players, Japanese businessmen, Greek artists and Italian educators. [Link via Politech]
posted by boost ventilator on Mar 3, 2003 - 23 comments

Diana Hsieh

Diana Hsieh, a blogger in California, is being sued for suggesting that a link exists between Scientology and Front Sight, the largest firearms training facility in the country. Now another site is being threatened with legal action by Front Sight, because of negative comments posted by users on their message board. Light of Reason has some well-written entries about these events (search for "scientology" on their page).
posted by TreeHugger on Nov 15, 2002 - 8 comments

Google censors search results

Google censors search results "Google, the world's most popular search engine, has quietly deleted more than 100 controversial sites from some search result listings. "
posted by mert on Oct 24, 2002 - 53 comments

Church of Scientology rewrites history.

Church of Scientology rewrites history. Archive.org, a site which archives the Internet for historical purposes, has been forced to block ALL archived material for Xenu.net, which contains "copyrighted" church information. The DMCA requires an immediate takedown of this kind of content, but it can be restored rapidly if the content owner (xenu.net? Archive.org?) appeals the decision and decides to fight the ruling. If so, it could be the undoing of the CoS, whose copyrights are highly suspect. Until now, the cost of fighting the CoS has forced defendants to settle, but there are good people out there who might see this as the perfect opportunity to act. Anyone up for a little pro bono work?!
posted by insomnia_lj on Sep 21, 2002 - 27 comments

A man and his Church

A man and his Church A fascinating case history of a big dot com company and the Scientology Church. What does it tell us?
posted by Postroad on Jun 3, 2002 - 6 comments

$cientology pays up for once.

$cientology pays up for once. Lawrence Wollersheim won a case in 1986 against Co$ regarding abusive treatment, but it's taken 16 years for him to get paid. "Show me the money," indeed. (more inside)
posted by PeteyStock on May 15, 2002 - 3 comments

Google runs into Copyright Dispute...

Google runs into Copyright Dispute... Does the Church of Scientology have a leg to stand on in suiing Google for linking to church documents? Be sure to check out Operation Clambake, the site in question who claims all documentation on their site is ", is allowable under the "fair use" provisions of internationally recognized copyright law". If it is truly a question of copyright, shouldn't the Scientologists be suing the site in question and not Google???? When Google removed the link, it outraged the technology community - can Google win in this case??? Check out what Don Marti has to say about the issue...
posted by gloege on Apr 22, 2002 - 1 comment

Earthlink founding investor Reed Slatkin to plead guilty

Earthlink founding investor Reed Slatkin to plead guilty of defrauding over 800 people out of $254 million in a Ponzi scheme. Several of the victims were members of the Church of Scientology, where he was a minister. Oh, and he filed for bankruptcy too so there's no chance for reparations... I don't know how to feel!
posted by kfury on Mar 27, 2002 - 10 comments

Google rejects AdWords critical of Scientology.

Google rejects AdWords critical of Scientology. I hate this topic but I can't leave it alone. Google is being accused of being overly cautious in all its dealings with Scientology. A Google rep is quoted to say that they are under no pressure from Scientology to reject the ads. (more inside)
posted by maudlin on Mar 27, 2002 - 25 comments

Google restores Xenu.net's webpages back into its index.

Google restores Xenu.net's webpages back into its index. It looks like this was all started by Scientologists armed with the DMCA which makes an ISP liable for not only its content (cache) but also to where it links! Considering xenu.net is overseas and not subject to US law, this looked like a very easy way for the CoS to silence its critics. In the meantime anti-CoS geeks are buying up adwords on google to celebrate. [google search using just the word Scientology] Refresh a couple time to see the ads.
posted by skallas on Mar 21, 2002 - 7 comments

Google Bombs

After a few good natured google bombs surfaced on weblogs in the past month or so, a recent meme to get an anti-scientology site higher in the rankings for "scientology" searches at Google has reportedly resulted in the removal of all links to Operation Clambake from Google. Has Google overstepped its bounds or did participating weblogs go too far?
posted by mathowie on Mar 20, 2002 - 42 comments

Geocities for Scientologists

Geocities for Scientologists Take a look at the uniformity of the personal pages on this site. It's enough to make one wonder if these people even know they have webpages.
posted by pjdoland on Mar 2, 2002 - 25 comments

Scientology Fan Fiction!

Scientology Fan Fiction! Curious about the mystery behind the one, true "religion?" SomethingAwful.com shares their knowledge of scientology through a great fictional piece, complete with illustrations.
posted by valerie on Nov 12, 2001 - 4 comments


Xenu was a space alien, 75 million years ago. He was a galactic ruler in fact. There was an overpopulation problem, so Xenu piled a few trillion beings in DC8 space planes, took them to earth an blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Then the souls were tricked to think they were all the same person by means of 3D movies - that way, when they reincarnated (as they do), they grouped up with a few thousand others and took a single body. Neat story eh? It's by a sci-fi writer called L. Ron Hubbard and forms the base of the Church of Scientology, although you don't really get to know that story until you reach OT3

There's been a 'What is Scientology' expo near me recently, but thanks to the folks at Xenu.net I feel fairly well informed without the need for a personality test.
posted by sycophant on Oct 22, 2001 - 42 comments

Fox News scroller - National Mental Health Assistance: 800-FOR-TRUTH - connects to Church of Scientology.

Fox News scroller - National Mental Health Assistance: 800-FOR-TRUTH - connects to Church of Scientology. If people called crying and upset they were told they could visit a Scientology center.
posted by tranquileye on Oct 8, 2001 - 10 comments

Scientologists accused of misrepresenting themselves during the terror attack crisis

Scientologists accused of misrepresenting themselves during the terror attack crisis This cult filled with terrible people (at the top) and saps below. Note the service they claim to provide during the crisis. The problem is that in America (unlike German, say) any one claiming to be religious gets away with whatever madness or evil they want.
posted by Postroad on Sep 18, 2001 - 25 comments

I did a brief search through the archives for Scientology because I know there have been a number of varying posts about it in the past. I didn't, however, see anything directly relating to the page I'm linking, so here goes. In the past I've heard and read comments about how horrible the Church of Scientology is, but not having anything to judge these comments on, I never paid much attention. But after watching all of these Real Audio streams of an indepth interview about a young woman who tells all about her experience with the church, I'm absolutely shocked and horrified that these kinds of things happen. It's completely ruining these people's lives.
posted by lizardboy on Sep 3, 2001 - 30 comments

I've found it. The most horrible page on the internet.

I've found it. The most horrible page on the internet. And you thought the Goatse.cx link was bad. Go on, click. I dare ya. (link via BoingBoing)
posted by bondcliff on Jul 2, 2001 - 25 comments

Keith Henson, usenet's foremost Scientology basher

Keith Henson, usenet's foremost Scientology basher flees to Canada, gets arrested, and has now been freed and might be granted political asylum. More Henson info here.
posted by skallas on Jun 10, 2001 - 3 comments

Online Scientology critic seeks political asylum in Canada

Online Scientology critic seeks political asylum in Canada A couple of weeks ago computer engineer Keith Henson was found guilty in California of a criminal act related to posts he made in the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, which contained obviously comical (all right, Sophomoric) references to targeting Scientologists with a nuclear missile.

The United States. Liberty and justice for all. Oh yeah, baby.
posted by SpecialK on May 20, 2001 - 10 comments

Scientology Strikes Again

Scientology Strikes Again Last Saturday a comment was posted on Slashdot by an anonymous reader that contained text that was copyrighted by the Church of Scientology. They have since followed the DMCA and demanded that Slashdot remove the comment. After consulting with their lawyers, that's exactly what Slashdot did, but posted the above page with oodles of links to anti-Scientology resources. Will Scientology stop at nothing to silence its opponents?
posted by yarf on Mar 16, 2001 - 21 comments

starting your own church

starting your own church It might be wise to start your own church. Pres Bush now must decide whether Scientology is or is not a "true" religion. The president's father got big bucks from Rev. Moon of the Moonies, a group that gave generously to Bush the Father, so I imagine that group is a true religion. We too can feed at the spiritual udder. I hope some faith-based charity goes to Travolta and Cruise.
posted by Postroad on Feb 20, 2001 - 30 comments

The OscarĀ® nominations won't get announced until tomorrow, which means that the noms for The Razzies were announced today. The biggest contender? John Travolta revolting pet film, "Battlefield Earth," with eight.
posted by honkzilla on Feb 12, 2001 - 23 comments

Scientology is sueing someone who in Sweden has published the Fishman Affidavit online in 1996. Fortunately, even harrassments by Scientology outside court cannot prevent the strong arguments the publisher makes in court.
posted by willem on Jan 28, 2001 - 8 comments

Co$ Tackiness

Co$ Tackiness The Church of Scientology spinoff Narconon completely rips off the Urban75 Web site (including similar meta tag content). Jeeze....talk about unabashed design stealing.
posted by bkdelong on Jan 22, 2001 - 6 comments

Did you ever consider joining a cult?

Did you ever consider joining a cult? Well, here is one for you. Read the secret truths of Scientology (pay special attention to the "OT III Part 2 section").
posted by joedrescher on Jan 15, 2001 - 9 comments

Travolta's officially lost his marbles:

Travolta's officially lost his marbles: "George Lucas and Quentin Tarantino and a lot of people saw [Battlefield Earth] and thought it was a great piece of science fiction." In an alternate universe, maybe.
posted by highindustrial on Oct 19, 2000 - 19 comments

At the bottom of this article,

At the bottom of this article, it says "any questions about Cruise's relationship with Scientology will be the last question [the interviewer will] get to ask." It sounds like Tom's taking to heart the lessons of Frank "T.J." Mackey to me...
posted by dogwelder on May 20, 2000 - 0 comments

Does "Battlefield Earth" make anyone else nervous?

Does "Battlefield Earth" make anyone else nervous? The film has a deep connection to the church of Scientology - an organization that has seen a certain amount of controversy (though I don't wish to belittle the belief system of anyone). This connection seems to have gone unnoticed. Is there cause for concern when a heavily marketed film is surreptiously tied to an organized religion?
posted by aladfar on May 11, 2000 - 27 comments

Here's a follow-up

Here's a follow-up to last week's thread about the whole Travolta-Kidman-Cruise-Scientology thing. Interesting counterpoint in some ways, although I think ALL the concerned parties have ulterior motives. Agenda, agenda, agenda.
posted by highindustrial on May 9, 2000 - 0 comments

Cruise and Kidman, um, get religion?

Cruise and Kidman, um, get religion? The story quotes a pair of gossip reporters as saying that the pair are ditching The Religious Technology Center, Inc., er, um, excuse me: The Church of Scientology.
posted by baylink on May 2, 2000 - 11 comments

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