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The multiple characters and series of Chris Lilley, Australian comedian

Chris Lilley is an Australian comedian, television producer, actor, musician and writer, who got his major start as the drama teacher, Mr. G., in the sketch comedy series Big Bite. The series ended after one season, and Lilley went on to create four subsequent mocumentary-style series, We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year, Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, and most recently Ja'mie: Private School Girl. Each show consists of primary characters all played by Lilley, ranging from a 47 year old woman with skeletal dysplasia, a 13-year-old school boy with a Tongan accent (NSFW language), a 24 year-old African American rap artist from Los Angeles (NSFW language), and a 16 year old girl from a grammar school, to name a few. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on Mar 8, 2014 - 33 comments

Russo Swerve

Chris Sims' amazing pitch for the Superman/Batman movie: "A dang BOOM TUBE opens up, and who comes out? Every Superman and Batman we’ve seen in mass media for the past thirty years." (previously)
posted by kittensofthenight on Aug 11, 2013 - 78 comments


EA, the publisher behind The Sims and Facebook game The Sims Social, is suing Zynga over copyright infringement found in Zynga's Facebook game The Ville. [more inside]
posted by thecjm on Aug 3, 2012 - 57 comments

WINGS AND TEETH. You turn tail, I turn heads.

Doomtree is a hip-hop collective from Minneapolis featuring Dessa, P.O.S., Sims, Cecil Otter and Mike Mictlan with producers Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak. [more inside]
posted by eyeballkid on Mar 25, 2012 - 13 comments

The Waffle House Terrorists

This past November, news broke of a rather odd domestic terror plot that had been broken up by the FBI. Four senior citizens in northern Georgia who met regularly at a local Waffle House, were allegedly planning to spread ricin and botulinum toxin in Atlanta and Washington, DC, in order to kill millions of people and "save the Constitution." But was there ever really a conspiracy?
posted by zarq on Jan 20, 2012 - 86 comments

Will Wright's Next Game: Hivemind

Will Wright, of Sims and Simcity fame, now wants to have users use their personal data to shape the game playing experience in his new game, Hivemind.
posted by reenum on Dec 10, 2011 - 29 comments

"You...are my number one...GUY."

Chris Sims is a former comic book store employee. David Uzumeri is a computer scientist. Together, they fight crime review the shit out of Batman film canon in an 18-part series they call Cinematic Batmanology, covering all the major theatrical releases from Tim Burton's franchise-reviving 1989 film (start there) up through Christopher Nolan's recent The Dark Knight, with a couple of odd tangents along the way. [more inside]
posted by cortex on Oct 3, 2011 - 34 comments

The Cruel Mathematics

Tim Rogers has written a long piece about the evils of social gaming and the mechanics of getting players to pay for virtual items. This, in reaction to certain mechanics in the new facebook mega-game, The Sims Social, which Tim has also reviewed, calling it "A Love Letter from a Computer Virus"
posted by hellojed on Sep 30, 2011 - 78 comments

“When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers."

Rod Humble, lead designer for The Sims, and creator of seminal art-game The Marriage -- discourses on free will at E3. [via]
posted by empath on Jun 15, 2010 - 4 comments

Three-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph

How to Make a Three-Pendulum Rotary Harmonograph
posted by Wolfdog on Mar 21, 2010 - 10 comments

Just getting along

Homelessness is more and more common in the real world - and now it exists within The Sims. Meet Alice and Kev, a father and daughter just trying to get along without two Simoleons to rub together.
posted by mippy on Jun 10, 2009 - 29 comments

"..." (I'm miming it)

Why do people hate mimes? First you should get to grips with the history then get into a mime version of 9/11. Follow it up with an interpretation of Camus's The Outsider and Daniel Reyes's Mimes of the Caribbean. End your lesson with Mime World.
posted by meech on Apr 3, 2007 - 76 comments

Very popular song in the South

I'm My Own Grandpa ^(embedded audio) is a funny and head-scratching song about, well, being your own grandpa (hint: dad's to blame). There's a video using footage from The Sims, which includes a cover by Ray Stevens. Bonus points if you can figure it all out the first time you listen.
posted by zardoz on Oct 2, 2006 - 22 comments

And have you SEEN what the King of All Cosmos is wearing?

Oh great merciful heavens! Who, oh who, will protect the dear children from the rampant sexual content that lies buried in... The Sims 2? According to Miami attorney Jack Thompson, it's worse than the now-infamous Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that Hillary Clinton has made such a fuss about.

His claim is that behind the pixellated screen placed by the game in front of nude characters is full, anatomically-correct, genital detail, and a cheat code can remove that easily. Electronic Arts maintains that behind the screen is only Ken-And-Barbie smoothness. (Should be easy enough to check out, anyone?)
posted by JHarris on Jul 22, 2005 - 77 comments

Show him how it's done.

Don't like how your country is being run? Roll your own! "Welcome to this exciting universe where you can start your own country, build its economy and trade with your neighbors. You preside over its resources, its army and [are] responsible for its relations with its neighbors. Depending on your experience level, you can control many functions that influence the development of your country." You can play for free on most of the available worlds.
posted by ewagoner on Nov 1, 2004 - 1 comment

Simtastic GWB vs. JFK

George Bush & John Kerry living together in the Sims 2. First things heat up, then they really get hot. Just wait until they meet their new neighbors! Via.
posted by ssmith on Oct 21, 2004 - 30 comments

Sims President

Mr-President bids for re-election: it's election season in Alphaville, too.
posted by moonbird on Mar 16, 2004 - 1 comment

Sim Gallery

Sim Gallery Project is calling for entries, they want proposals for works or performances to exhibit in a gallery space constructed within Sims Online
posted by atom71 on Oct 13, 2003 - 1 comment

Sims Online Mob Justice

Mobs move into 'Sims Online' power vacuum: "An underground group known as the Sims Shadow Government has taken over the fantasy world that is 'The Sims Online,' meting out mob justice." I don't play the Sims Online, but I'm curious: Has anyone on Mefi run into this phenomenon while playing the game?
posted by eclectica on Jun 11, 2003 - 29 comments

Sims on Fox?

"It could be a sitcom or something completely different" What is it? A new show on Fox, based on the Sims video game by EA's Maxis studio. Will Wright, the creator of the Sim line of games, has signed on to help create the show, which is being described as "blending puppetry with animation" and "set in feudal Japan but dealing with modern-day suburban situations". If that's not "orignial", then I don't what is.
posted by Hackworth on Jun 3, 2003 - 7 comments

Culture jamming The Sims

Culture jamming The Sims. As discussed here a couple of months ago, the much loved McDonald's Corporation has a major deal with Electronic Arts. But with hundreds of virtual burger restaurants in Simsville - what's to stop gamers turning into virtual anti-globalisation vigilantes?
posted by bwerdmuller on Nov 20, 2002 - 19 comments

Wall hangings for your peace loving sims.

Wall hangings for your peace loving sims. I've only logged about three sim hours, but this inspires me to boot up my little sim family. When the Sims online comes out, can we have sim protests at the sim white house, or sim mefi protests at mathowie's sim house?
posted by djacobs on Oct 18, 2002 - 13 comments

McDonalds will be a franchise in The Sims Online computer game.

McDonalds will be a franchise in The Sims Online computer game. Will my Sim character get fat if he eats at a Sim McDonalds? I guess we'll need Sim lawyers to help us out on that one.
posted by Beholder on Sep 17, 2002 - 27 comments

Sims Survivor: Season Two

Sims Survivor: Season Two 8 Sims left to their own devices in a Survivor/Big Brother parody. The original was posted back in March.
posted by juicyraoul on Sep 3, 2002 - 2 comments

Sims Survivor -

Sims Survivor - 8 contestants left alone in a house. When the food runs out, who do you think will win? Follow it day by day. Great idea!
posted by Jubey on Mar 19, 2002 - 14 comments

"Hey there, sport! What's all the racket?"

"Hey there, sport! What's all the racket?" "It's The Stupid SIMulated Human Pet Tricks, Daddy!" No really this is good. Stupid. But good. If anyone's ever wondered what some of the characters from The Sims would look like in hokey live-action Not Ready For Television commercials, now's your chance!
This site requires the Quicktime and Flash Player plug-ins. Be careful. This site crashed my computer once.
posted by ZachsMind on Dec 11, 2000 - 0 comments

SIMbabes ain't putting out...

SIMbabes ain't putting out... I play The Sims. You probably suspected that didn't you? Well, there's a Blogger Powered weblog by the guy behind the upcoming Blueprint program, and guess what? Copyright infringement once again rears its ugly head in cyberspace. A website called Simcorally has downloaded objects others created and claimed them as his own. So now the SIMbabes are on strike. The upshot of this is I'm still stuck with that obnoxious green couch. I want something better. And that piano looks awful nice. Simlane has more on the topic.
posted by ZachsMind on Jun 25, 2000 - 8 comments

Much in the spirit of the ASCII Star Wars site, Neale over at wetlog has unveiled an short ASCII version of American Beauty (when is the academy going to finally recognize the brilliant work of ASCII illustrators everywhere?). He's also running a contest for players of The Sims. I've been thinking about getting this game since I first saw it, but Neale's contest is enough to push me over the edge and actually buy it. I'd like to try getting my Sims to perform either Magnolia or The Ice Storm.
posted by mathowie on Mar 1, 2000 - 1 comment

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