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Stanislav Petrov Day

On this date in 1983, Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov saved the life of every man, woman & child on the face of the Earth. [more inside]
posted by MrJM on Sep 26, 2015 - 83 comments

What To Do When The Warnings Sound

It's hard to believe these days, what with Gazprom sponsoring the Champions League, that thirty years ago, if not for the actions of one man, Stanislav Petrov, (previously, previouslier) the world might have ended in a nuclear holocaust. His story long kept secret, only revealed in 1998, Petrov has finally been rewarded for his courage this week, as he became the latest recipient of the Dresden Peace Prize. Coincidently, this honour came only days after the meteorite strike in Russia, which as Charlie Stross points out, in the Cold War context of three decades ago might have ended in tragedy. Curious of how that might have panned out? Well, the Protect and Survive series at Alternate History.com shows what would've happened to Britain in a full scale nuclear war: it's not pretty. [more inside]
posted by MartinWisse on Feb 19, 2013 - 31 comments

The only winning move is not to play.

On this day 22 years ago, Stanislav Petrov saved the world.
posted by basicchannel on Sep 26, 2005 - 51 comments

One of the world's greatest unsung heroes?

You may owe your life to this man If it weren't for Stanislav Petrov, many or even most of us reading this might be dead now - or never born, for the teens among us. At least according to this article, and the other links above.
posted by ramakrishna on Sep 5, 2004 - 34 comments

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