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Move over liberal art

Hilarious website showing one mans passion for drawing conservative themed art. The real gems are in the archive. My personal favorites include "Team W" and these creepy Reagan ghost ones [1] [2]. Don't forget his epic comic The Patriot.
posted by DougieZero1982 on May 18, 2006 - 58 comments

Hollywood rewrites history...

Hollywood rewrites history... and (surprise, surprise) the Brits come off worst. It's particularly galling to have the Redcoats in The Patriot carrying out the kind of atrocities associated with the Nazis, given that recent WWII films have either ignored the roles of non-Americans (Saving Private Ryan) or simply cast Americans in their place (U-571 and the forthcoming remake of Colditz).
posted by holgate on Jul 3, 2000 - 37 comments

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