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It was utter fucking pandemonium.

On June 14th, 1991, Morrissey appeared on The Tonight Show to perform "Sing Your Life," and "There's a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends," as part of his Kill Uncle tour. This is the story of how Morrissey (and his fans) upstaged and perplexed Johnny Carson and now-disgraced celebrity guest Bill Cosby. 25 Years Ago, Morrissey Ruined Bill Cosby’s Appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’ [more inside]
posted by Existential Dread on Aug 22, 2016 - 43 comments

Ten points to Gryffindor!

Simon Pegg as drunk Ron Weasley wishing Harry Potter a happy 35th Birthday. Weasley previously got smashed to celebrate the occasion back in 2013.
posted by Artw on Aug 1, 2015 - 30 comments

Hi. Can we go in there?

In 1988, two college students filmed themselves sneaking into the Oscars. It landed them a spot with Johnny Carson.
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Feb 21, 2015 - 23 comments

Do you know the mumble man?

Adam Levine shows that not only does he have moves like Jagger, but also the croons like Sinatra, as he dethrones the reigning champion on his home turf during Tuesday night's "Wheel of Musical Impressions" on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
posted by drlith on Oct 3, 2014 - 18 comments

Why yes, I am reading that newspaper.

Philadelphia native and comedian David Brenner has passed away at age 78. [more inside]
posted by Rob Rockets on Mar 16, 2014 - 33 comments

Dance break!

The odds seem long that a thin Leno segment, Pumpcast News, would stumble across a couple willing to karaoke at a gas station. Longer still that they'd be good at it. But Will and Monifa Sims beat those odds by a mile.
posted by EvaDestruction on May 10, 2013 - 32 comments

This happened.

Paul Williams in His "Planet of the Apes" Costume on "The Tonight Show" — 1973
posted by incomple on Aug 2, 2011 - 29 comments

We Have Cameras

Eyes of a Generation is a "virtual museum of television cameras, and the broadcast history they captured," curated by actor and radio DJ Bobby F. Ellerbee. The site has hundreds of photos of cameras and of television sets backstage. It also includes vintage articles and a neat look at how the moon backdrop on the Conan set works. [more inside]
posted by zarq on May 10, 2011 - 5 comments

Johnny Carson: Convicted Truck Thief

Back in April 1986, Tonight Show host Johnny Carson stole a truck. The owner eventually got it back, but the incident resulted in a messy televised trial that gripped the nation. Then in February 2004, the victim recounted the story to Conan O'Brien. [more inside]
posted by Servo5678 on Dec 14, 2010 - 29 comments

"Pretty direct karma."

A day after stand-up comic Louis C.K. posted a series of drunk tweets from an airplane, including a series of ribald tweets about Sarah Palin, he found himself sitting next to Palin's daughter Bristol on the Tonight Show. At a screening for his new comedy special "Hilarious", he talked about the experience and compared Palin to an early Hitler.
posted by Rory Marinich on Sep 10, 2010 - 273 comments

I Was with Coco

I Was with Coco. "If you’ve ever seen a criminal standing before a firing squad and felt jealous of all the attention he was receiving, then you would have loved writing for Conan O’Brien." [via] [more inside]
posted by kirkaracha on Aug 25, 2010 - 29 comments

Heeeeeere's a searchable online database!

Carson Entertainment Group, which owns the archive of the late-night host's 30 years on "The Tonight Show," is set to announce Wednesday that it has digitized all 3,300 hours of existing footage from the program and created a searchable online database for producers and researchers. (way previously) [more inside]
posted by Joe Beese on Aug 11, 2010 - 24 comments

" Jay's got The Tonight Show. I have a beard and an inflatable bat."

Conan O'Brien gives his first interview since losing the Tonight Show to Jay Leno.
posted by jnaps on May 3, 2010 - 127 comments

"In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I’m headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly."

Though most were betting on the former Tonight Show host to end up with a show on FOX, Conan O'Brien has confirmed today that he will do a late night show for cable network TBS at 11pm, starting in November. There was no word on the status of the masturbating bear.
posted by kyleg on Apr 12, 2010 - 73 comments

The Tonight Show with?

The Late Shift was a 1996 HBO movie exploring the highly political world of how Jay Leno and secures the Tonight Show hosting job over David Letterman (played by a young John Michael Higgens) after Johnny Carson retires. Jay Leno stepped down for Conan O'Brian in 2009, for a new business model of a 10 pm talk show five times a week for NBC which some called the future of television. Leno's ratings have been abysmal, leading to major concerns among affiliates. It now seems the man who managed to beat out David Letterman may have done it yet again, as it is being rumored that Leno will get his old timeslot back after the Winter Olympics, leaving Conan's future uncertain.
posted by dig_duggler on Jan 8, 2010 - 206 comments

The original late night duo is reunited.

Everyman's announcer: Ed McMahon enjoyed a remarkable entertainment career. From pitching vegetable slicers to passerbyers on the Atlantic City boardwalk to delivering the original king of late night to a national audience every night for thirty years; Ed McMahon's voice is part of the American fabric. Sadly, Ed McMahon has passed away. [more inside]
posted by cavalier on Jun 23, 2009 - 76 comments

Uri Geller on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

Nostalgia and skepticism collide in this short video of Uri Geller's legendary failure on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, introduced by frequent MeFi subject James Randi. More context and nostalgia in this longer version, which features Geller with a young Barbara Walters, and on The Mike Douglas Show, along with Randi's expose of "healing evangelist" Peter Popoff. If you want to waste even more time, just start clicking on these YouTube search results.
posted by The Deej on Aug 5, 2007 - 93 comments

Ross The Intern Vblogger!

Ross The Intern is now video blogging. Some of his segments from Jay Leno's The Tonight Show -- Burbank Fire Department | Christina Aguilera | Crocodile Hunter | Golden Globes | Jesse James | Pit Crew | Weatherman | The Winter Olympics.
posted by ericb on Apr 26, 2007 - 16 comments

Heeeeere's ... to 50 years!

The Tonight Show celebrates its 50th anniversary of national broadcast, it was a local New York show staring in 1953 tonight. Steve Allen was its first host, blazing the trail for all late nights to come (did you know his announcer was Gene Rayburn?). Then came Jack Parr. The world was a better place with Johnny Carson making us laugh nearly every night for thirty years. Jay Leno's rise to host was certainly not easy. And, it seems, on the show's 55th anniversary, it'll be Conan inheriting the throne! Happy anniversary to one of the most entertaining, groundbreaking American institutions ever.
posted by WolfDaddy on Sep 27, 2004 - 51 comments

Everyone's favorite foul-mouthed, philosophical shopclerks are back.

Everyone's favorite foul-mouthed, philosophical shopclerks are back. For those of you who missed it's premiere on the Tonight Show a coupla days ago, the inimitable Kevin Smith has new short up on his site(Quicktime and RealMedia). Dante and Randal are back talking all about mad German Scientists, The Jetsons and the decline of American ingenuity. Terrific, as always, Kev.
posted by jonmc on Mar 3, 2002 - 35 comments

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