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The Chuck E. Cheese Ouroboros

In 1977, Nolan Bushnell allowed Gene Landrum to bring Chuck E. Cheese [yt] to life as a family-friendly access point to Atari games. This, perhaps, explains the pizza. [more inside]
posted by batmonkey on Dec 31, 2008 - 17 comments

Absolutely Senseless One-Link Post

Warning!!!Extreme violence, mutilation, blood, guts and gore, including but not limited to eye-gouging, chainsaw disembowlment, and torture by propane torch. NSFW, in fact, NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE ANYWHERE. Halfway decent soundtrack though.
posted by sluglicker on Jul 20, 2006 - 56 comments

Cannes film sickens audience

Cannes film sickens audience It proved so shocking that 250 people walked out, some needing medical attention. Good lord.
posted by Summer on May 26, 2002 - 21 comments

Hands off...

Hands off... I'm a Gore/Lieberman supporter, but his recent threats of government intervention into violent entertainment (along with Lynne Cheney) make me a little angry.
posted by owillis on Sep 13, 2000 - 16 comments

In other news:

In other news: Al Gore introduces a new plan, which would involve the Ludivico Treatment. "We, as of yet, do not have a Serum 114, nor do we know exactly how we'll create it...; One thing parents should be certain of, we'll strip the very human out of your children, and make then into good malchiki and devochki"
posted by tiaka on Sep 11, 2000 - 15 comments

Violent Media is Good For Kids

Violent Media is Good For Kids Interesting theory that viewing violent media, reading comics and playing bloody video games is actually cathartic for kids. Not sure it's valid, but it's interesting.
posted by brookish on Jun 30, 2000 - 1 comment

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