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Lickety Split!

How a 13-year-old Canadian girl ran the world’s fastest marathon. Imagine a record-setting distance runner. This marathoner you envisage should be a history maker. The fastest in the world, by a long margin. Concentrate. Got a picture in mind?
posted by Literaryhero on Jan 11, 2017 - 19 comments

Most Tricks By A Cat In One Minute

Didga the Australian skateboarding cat and her owner Robert performed a total of 20 tricks in one minute to earn themselves a place in the Guinness World Records 2017 book.
posted by hippybear on Sep 9, 2016 - 24 comments

Ida Keeling

At the Penn relays this past weekend, Ida Keeling ran a 1:17 in the 100-meter dash, a new world record. Ms. Keeling started running at the age of 67. Now, she's 100.
posted by roomthreeseventeen on May 2, 2016 - 10 comments

Vurig Nieuw Jaar!

Last New Year's vreugdevuur in Duindorp, Holland, broke the world record of the biggest bonfire in the world. Building it was no small undertaking, after which it was burned down at midnight on New Years Eve. This year, the battle of the bonfires that has been raging for years between the neighbouring beaches of Duindorp and Scheveningen is reaching fever pitch. Scheveningen is doing their damnedest to build an even bigger towering inferno. You can follow the construction (and destruction at midnight local time, UTC/GMT +1) live on webcam: The next day, everyone goes for a sausage sponsored swim in the freezing cold North Sea.
posted by sively on Dec 31, 2015 - 15 comments

"In the interests of metric, that is more than a metre?"

Daniel Tomlin, a gardener from Kelowna, British Columbia, claims he has grown the world's longest cucumber. According to Guinness World Records, the cucumber that currently holds the world record for longest ever grown measured "107 cm (42.1 in) and was grown by Ian Neale of Wales, UK. It was presented at the Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK, on 26 September 2011." Tomlin's cucumber measures just over one metre (44.5 inches). [more inside]
posted by mandolin conspiracy on Sep 2, 2015 - 10 comments

Hoverboards actually do work on water

Hoverboard inventor breaks world record for flight distance. Catalin Alexandru Duru sets a new world record by flying his homemade hoverboard 276m along Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada. [more inside]
posted by NailsTheCat on May 26, 2015 - 18 comments

“Is this for a class?”

A Guinness World Record Diary: Dr. Strangeline, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Amateur New York Subway Riding Committee and Love the MTA
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Mar 31, 2015 - 8 comments

Coke + Nutella + Mentos + Durex ITALIA world record

But we’re gonna try something new today: the energy and vitality of Nutella! And as always, we’re gonna use a condom, but this time it’s gonna be mango-flavored.
posted by Confess, Fletch on Mar 3, 2015 - 19 comments

She has personally lowered the world record in the 1,500 by 14 seconds

"This is a column about Katie Ledecky. It has a simple thesis. The thesis is that Katie Ledecky kicks ass."
posted by troika on Sep 19, 2014 - 29 comments

"In terms of beer, cutting 1 metre of the board cost 54.3 litres of it."

The story of the world’s longest wooden board.
posted by jessamyn on Sep 12, 2014 - 35 comments

Speed Stacking is Still a Thing

History of the Cycle World Record brought to you by the World Sport Stacking Association. [previously] [more inside]
posted by ennui.bz on Apr 17, 2014 - 28 comments

2,800 miles in 62 days.

At 9:45am on July 14, 2013, Alison Bradley met her mom on the steps of LA's City Hall and had a beer. Why? She'd just (unofficially) broke the previous World Record for a a Transamerica Run by a Female. Running mostly unaccompanied, Bradley covered 2,800 miles in 68 days (and burned through 6 pairs of shoes), starting at New York's City Hall. Why? Cancer research. [more inside]
posted by grabbingsand on Jul 16, 2013 - 16 comments

Summer solstice is right around the corner

In 2010 the annual midsummer bonfire in Ålesund, Norway broke world's records. For more than 3 months, the youngsters built a 40 meter tall structure, and then burnt it down. More here. [more inside]
posted by growabrain on Jan 3, 2013 - 21 comments

"Please state where and when this card was found and then put it in the nearest Post Office."

Oldest message in a bottle found. The bottle was released as part of a research project tracking deep ocean currents. (Via socimages, via boingboing.)
posted by NoraReed on Oct 15, 2012 - 25 comments

Corn Mazes

In a triumph of both technology and agriculture, the Guinness World Record for largest Quick Response code has been claimed by a corn maze.* [more inside]
posted by Egg Shen on Oct 14, 2012 - 26 comments

"I guess if you were to approach me in the street and ask me how to play QWOP, I'd tell you to take a more experimental attitude in your life, and not to rely so much on the hard work of others."

An interview with Bennett Foddy, the creator of QWOP, in which, to the surprise of no one, he states, "I don't feel any sympathy for people who find a video game hard. At all. It never occurred to me to try to modify QWOP so that it was easier to play." [more inside]
posted by Copronymus on Oct 8, 2012 - 44 comments

"If you believe in a principle, never damage it with a poor impression. You must go all the way." Charles Parsons

Unusual marketing technique: an inventor offered a demonstration of his custom-built speedboat design by speeding past security and crashing the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. [more inside]
posted by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow on Jun 4, 2012 - 21 comments

Needs more cowbell...for the world record (and charity).

Led by Phish drummer Jon Fishman, approximately 1,600 participants took part in the World’s Largest Cowbell Ensemble on Saturday on Church Street in Burlington, VT, beating the previous record of 640, set in Switzerland in 2009. Song used to set the new record: The Chambers Brothers' "Time Has Come Today."
posted by lovermont on Apr 15, 2012 - 15 comments

And now the music is stuck in your head

After I hung up the phone, I went to the bedroom and woke my wife, Lori. "Honey," I said. "You're not going to believe this, but I just got off the phone with a guy who's in charge of video game world records, and he said the world record for Game Boy Tetris is 327 lines, and he wants us to go to New Hampshire this spring so you can try to break the world record live in front of the judges at the world's largest classic video game tournament. [more inside]
posted by MartinWisse on Mar 13, 2012 - 66 comments

Centenarian completes full marathon

Feeling tired today? Back a little sore from that yard work? Morning run left your knees aching? Maybe you just had a lazy weekend. Well, in case you aren't frustrated enough with yourself for what you're (not) accomplishing, enjoy the story of Fauja Singh. Yesterday, the 100 year old became the oldest person ever to complete a full marathon, finishing the 42 km Toronto Waterfront Marathon in under 9 hours (beating his personal target). [more inside]
posted by dry white toast on Oct 17, 2011 - 30 comments

The little Maharajah that could

Air India (in collaboration with Indian Airlines, the Indian Air Force and Aeroflot) is in the Guinness Book of World Records for their airlift in 1990 when they successfully evacuated 111,711 Indian citizens from Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan by operating 488 refugee flights over a period of 59 days. While they have never quite managed to break that record in the intervening years and subsequent strife, Air India in collaboration with any available merchant ships is at it again after Egypt to deal with the largest evacuation since then ongoing right now from Libya.
posted by infini on Mar 1, 2011 - 15 comments

Flap, Flap, Flap, Flap, Flap, Flap, Flap

Yesterday at around 3PM PST, John McAllister began his quest to beat a 25 year-old "Joust" record of 107 million points. His game is being broadcast live. It is oddly compelling to watch a skilled player in action - at 22 hours of play he has 47 million points.
posted by pashdown on Oct 21, 2010 - 173 comments

They all fall down

The world record for human mattress dominoes has been increasing exponentially for the last few years. From 41* to 159 to 256 to 380. But China definitely dominates the world record, if mattresses aren't required.
posted by twoleftfeet on Oct 2, 2010 - 22 comments

The Video Game Capital of the World

Ottumwa, Iowa has declared itself home to the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum. Where the town will obtain the money for the museum building and collection is currently an open question, but Ottumwa, home of Twin Galaxies (previously: 1, 2), the "official scorekeeper for the world of video game & pinball playing," is no stranger to stepping up to fill a void in the world of electronic gaming. [more inside]
posted by EvaDestruction on Aug 7, 2010 - 18 comments

Paddle at the Point

Last Saturday in Pittsburgh, over 1800 canoes attempted to break the world record for the largest single raft of canoes and kayaks. This time lapse video shows how they did it in spite of the weather...
posted by tss on Jun 8, 2010 - 15 comments


9.58s : Usain Bolt sets a new 100m World Record [more inside]
posted by sloe on Aug 16, 2009 - 175 comments

Real Hot Bitches set world synchronised dance record

Nationally famous (in New Zealand) dance troupe the Real Hot Bitches set the world record for synchronised dance. [SLYT]
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen on Jul 25, 2009 - 34 comments

Every Person is Capable of Being the World's Best "Something"

"The whole dream is that everybody has a world record in them," said Dan Rollman, president and co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Universal Record Database. Since the site went live last fall, more than 1,000 feats have been documented - ranging from the most binder clips on a face (now up to 34) to the longest toenail (seven-eighths of an inch) to the most whoopee cushions sat on without smiling or laughing (presently up to 18), and a few records involving mustaches (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Beyond the basics of setting records, the URDB is based on three principles: 1. Honesty and accuracy are pretty much everything, 2. Don't hurt yourself. Don't hurt others. Don't hurt the planet, and 3. Waste sucks. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on Jun 20, 2009 - 22 comments

Twenty-seven hours of Solo Piano

Pianist, producer, and songwriter Gonzales (real name Jason Charles Beck) is currently attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest solo concert. He's aiming for 27 hours, and at time of writing has around six hours left to go. You can follow the attempt live online. [more inside]
posted by tapeguy on May 17, 2009 - 19 comments


In an innovative approach to record breaking, the world-renowned Todd Lamb set a new record for the most images of fish sandwiches looked at in sixty seconds.
posted by Pants! on Dec 20, 2008 - 26 comments

The Biggest Twitch

Suppression is the act of concealing news of a rare bird from other twitchers. Other twitchers take the more open approach - Sean Dooley broke the Australian record for most birds seen in a year, and inspired by his example, Alan Davies and Ruth Miller gave up their jobs and embarked on a quest to see "over 3,662 different species of birds in twelve months, from 1st January to 31st December 2008." On October 31st, they achieved their goal.
posted by awfurby on Nov 3, 2008 - 13 comments

It looked like the Eiffel Tower going for a walk.

Last year, Michael Mooney attempted to break the world record for riding the tallest bike. Instead he broke his knee. This year he tried again. Like any good biker, he got up and tried again (1:33 for the good stuff). He may not have broken the record, but he sure is awesome.
posted by rikschell on Sep 8, 2008 - 16 comments

Carbohydrate Loading

World Record Spaghetti Bridge [more inside]
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium on Mar 8, 2008 - 34 comments

New Marathon WR

2:04:26 Sunday 1 Oct. Haile Gebrselassie set a new World Record (by 29 seconds!) when he won the Berlin Marathon. He's held the WR at 2k and 3k (indoor), 5k (several times) (1998 part 1, 2) , 10k (several times), 10mile, 1/2 marathon, one hour (also) and 25k. Bonus: Alan Webb bests the American Record for the Mile this summer: 3:46.91
posted by OmieWise on Oct 4, 2007 - 21 comments

Solar planes making progress

The Zephyr, a solar powered plane, has smashed the record for the longest duration un-manned flight, staying aloft with engines running for 54 hours. This was just a test run at the US military White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, according to the UK developers, "You ain't seen nothing yet". Meanwhile in Switzerland, development continues on the Solar Impulse, which has a goal of flying around the world, manned(!), by 2010.
posted by stbalbach on Sep 11, 2007 - 11 comments

Sleep deprivation sounds like lots and lots of fun

i haven not slept in 126 hrs. my mental aptitude is completely shot. words that come out of my mout are completely random ; nonsensicle...dropping into bed will be GOOD FEELNGI.. How long can you stay awake? This guy made it just over 5 days, and kept a journal. Randy Gardner holds the world record of 11 days, which he set as a high school student in 1964. On the fourth day he had a delusion that he was Paul Lowe winning the Rose Bowl, and that a street sign was a person. Previously: [1], [2]
posted by gottabefunky on Mar 23, 2007 - 115 comments

Don't blink

Justin Gatlin is now the fastest man alive (in fact, he's faster than anyone not alive, as well).
posted by Elpoca on May 12, 2006 - 31 comments

World's Most Travelled Man

Heinz Stücke has travelled 335,000 miles by bicycle since 1960. And he's done it all on one bicycle, a 3-speed that weighs 56 lbs. That journey was threatened a few days ago when a thief stole his bike (it was later found by police). He's been shot at, robbed, arrested, and celebrated, embraced and admired in every corner of the planet. Though Charles Veley has the domain name and the top google hit, Stücke is the MAN. "Would I do it all over again? No! I never liked to cover the same terrain I've already conquered. IT'S THE UNKNOWN AROUND THE CORNER THAT TURNS MY WHEEL…"
posted by mcstayinskool on May 12, 2006 - 12 comments

World Champion Stone Skipper

Kurt Steiner is better at stone skipping than you are. Link goes to brief bios with downloadable avi's of the proof.
posted by jonson on Mar 3, 2006 - 29 comments

Go Robert! Go!

The Ironman Triathlon based in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, involves a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride followed by a 26.2 mile marathon. This Saturday, Robert McKeague, at age 80, hopes to be the oldest person to finish Ironman Hawaii.
posted by Hanover Phist on Oct 14, 2005 - 23 comments

Drinking Slurpees this fast causes brain freezes

Asafa Powell has set a new 100 meters world record.
posted by Elpoca on Jun 14, 2005 - 15 comments

The Human Penknife

Taking the adage "be prepared" to the next level Eric, a thirty year old electrician from Lyons, France, has made the record books for having the "most practical suit of clothing". Often dubbed "The Human Penknife" Eric has no less that 1,300 useful objects, ranging from a humble toothbrush to a soldering iron, arranged in carefully designed pouches sewn into his clothing. What won't you leave home without?
posted by lucien on Nov 13, 2002 - 29 comments

New 100m world record

New 100m world record
"Once again, the 100m record holder is truly the fastest man on earth"
posted by daveg on Sep 15, 2002 - 19 comments

Will the world's longest tongue please stand up?

Will the world's longest tongue please stand up? Annika might soon pass the Gene Simmons crown to another. Collis's tongue is 1cm longer, but he's also ten years older.
posted by skallas on Jan 23, 2002 - 7 comments

It's official...

It's official... Kids at Paddock Elementary School love hugging!!
posted by KLAX on Jan 15, 2002 - 5 comments

Making plans for 2008

Making plans for 2008
It's the feel good story of the day. A 12 year-old German school girl gets her place in the Guinness Book of Records for her tounge.
"I'm just proud that now people everywhere can read about me and my tongue." [via BoingBoing]
posted by DragonBoy on Dec 21, 2001 - 32 comments

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