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Notify Police - Murder!

npm-expansions is a git repository, currently holding 250+ pending pulls requests of what NPM (Node Package Manager) might stand for*: Notify Police - Murder!, Neurosis Prevention Mechanism, Narcissistically Plush Moostache and to quote a specific commit - "the very first Portuguese extension" - Não posso mais ("I can't take it anymore"). [more inside]
posted by lipsum on May 16, 2016 - 14 comments

Familiar with all Internet traditions

I was sitting NIFOC and TLOL when I ran across this list of Internet slang [PDF] developed for FBI agents trying to navigate Twitter's ARE. [more inside]
posted by sparklemotion on Jun 24, 2014 - 44 comments

Must eschew talk about fatness, Iraq, liquor, tobacco - else regret.

Apronyms: Apt Phrases, Redolent Of Novel Yet Meaningful Sense.
"An apronym is a special kind of acronym where the initials spell out a word or phrase relevant to the expanded version". This in contrast to you run-of the-mill acronyms. Yes, the link might come in handy for the perpetuation of this, already legendary, thread.
posted by talos on Jul 31, 2003 - 18 comments

Don't just sit there, go buy some un-used 3 Letter Acronym domain names for the heck of it.
posted by riffola on Oct 2, 2000 - 12 comments


WTF does AFAIK mean? Should I RTFM before asking the BOFM? If he tells me "IIRC, IMHO, I'm not HTH" what would you do? Try the acronymfinder.
posted by mathowie on Feb 5, 2000 - 2 comments

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