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Ziggy Ziggy Sputnik

The Day My Kid Went Punk Afterschool Special - Teen decides to make himself noticed from the rest of the crowd by becoming a Punk Rocker (SLYT)
posted by fearfulsymmetry on Oct 15, 2013 - 43 comments

Duncan can't have his cake and eat it, too.

"My name's Duncan. I was just a lonely 13-year-old with a rapid aging disease until I met..." Cakey! The Cake from Outer Space! [ episode 234567 ; each episode 4-5 minutes. Borderline NSFW. Must like talking cake. ]
posted by not_on_display on Aug 24, 2009 - 17 comments

West Hollywood Side Story

The quintessential gangfight of the 80s. Vintage afterschool specials, like wine, only get better with age.
On the day he enters Kennedy High in Manhattan wearing a patch over one eye, sixteen-year-old Horace Hobart is urged to join what he believes is the toughest gang at school.
Now you can enjoy the entire run of the 1985 CBS Schoolbreak Special, Ace Hits the Big Time. (1 2 3 4 5)
It's very likely the same minds were responsible for this scene.
posted by Christ, what an asshole on Aug 21, 2009 - 38 comments

High School Fascism Redux

In 1981, ABC aired a program in daytime that, while pre-dating the After School Special format, was a moralist tale aimed at children. "The Wave" was based on the classroom experiments of Ron Jones, which at the time went largely undocumented and were primarily anecdotal. The Third Wave as he called it, fooled the children of his class into creating a fascististic movement within the school complete with symbolism and salutes. [more inside]
posted by mediocre on Dec 28, 2008 - 46 comments

Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea?

After School Specials. Is that a Trapper Keeper in your locker or are you just happy to see me? Next month, two volumes of ABC's "After School Specials" will be released on DVD (in DVD sets designed to look like Trapper Keepers). After the first two sets, at least four more will follow. TV Shows on DVD has the names of many the specials ("Schoolboy Father," "She Drinks a Little," "Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea?") to jog your memory. Of course, Jump the Shark has plenty of memories of them, too. And anyone who saw Helen Hunt host "SNL" knows that in at least one (possibly two), she jumps out the window. Those were the days.
posted by GaelFC on Sep 22, 2004 - 19 comments

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