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Kind of like putting a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room

An Amazon Echo and a Google Home talk to each other. Via Hackster.
posted by Cash4Lead on Dec 9, 2016 - 36 comments

Icons of the Web

The area of each icon is proportional to the sum of the reach of all sites using that icon. ... The largest icon (Google) is 11,936 x 11,936 pixels, and the whole diagram is 37,440 x 37,440.
posted by Joe Beese on Aug 23, 2010 - 22 comments

I'm not one to keep my fridge and cupboards stocked but I had a few items from my last trip to Trader Joe's and they would get the job done.

"What would be it like to go a day without spending any money? I've thought about this before but I've never considered actually trying it. I couldn't imagine going a day without spending a single penny -- is that even possible? How would I get from A to B? What about food? Turns out, a day of living expense free is possible and you'd be surprised by the overwhelming sense of satisfaction and feeling of elation that comes from it. " The Huffington Post's Alexa van Tobel tells the astonishing and empowering tale of How I Went 24 Hours Without Spending Any Money...In New York City. Unfortunately, "this experiment is unsustainable for a long period of time."
posted by Legomancer on May 8, 2010 - 158 comments

Geocities 2.0

newsfilter: Myspace gets half as many page views as Google.
posted by delmoi on Mar 12, 2006 - 42 comments

It's good to share

Alexadex is a place to buy virtual shares in websites, with the share prices set according to Alexa.com's site traffic ranking. Metafilter.com currently stands at $535 per share.
posted by slater on Feb 14, 2006 - 18 comments

Want to buy the Web?

Want to buy the Web? The whole thing? (scroll to bottom of page). Alexa now offers - for sale - the entire web, collected from their crawler, in a portable form: "For organizations capable of hosting or mining an entire crawl index that exceeds 60 Terabytes in size, Alexa can ship the contents of the crawl to your location. Current customers include the Internet Archive and the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. The web-wide crawl takes approximately 2 months to complete. It is over 60 Terabytes in size, spanning over 3.5 billion unique URLs." No price listed, but "If you have to ask..."
posted by kokogiak on Oct 2, 2003 - 16 comments

Alexa's Top 500 Websites

Alexa's Top 500 Websites - Accurate or not, here is Alexa.com's list of their top 500 ranked websites - globally. This has been touched on both earlier today and back in April. Today's top ten sites iclude two korean sites, one japanese, one chinese, and six us-based sites. Also a more-clear definition of Alexa's Ranking system is here, complete with biases listed (such as IE users only, Alexa Users only, etc).
posted by kokogiak on Aug 29, 2002 - 24 comments

Michael Rivero,

Michael Rivero, formerly an digital effects worker for Final Fantasy and Coneheads has walked onto the scene and stood out when it comes to the conspiracy genre, with his site WhatReallyHappened.com. He has been claiming that 9/11 was the work of the Israelis and the US government to cause a war for Oil in the Middle East, while also making other comments on the War on Terror.

While he seems to boast that his site's Alexa rating is higher than Newsweek's as affirmation that he is popular, no matter how flawed Alexa may be.

Is this what really happened? or merely the posted viewpoints collected by a person who distrusts the Government?
posted by RobbieFal on Aug 29, 2002 - 36 comments

Alexa, the internet depository that lead to things like the wayback machine was acquired by Amazon some time ago. A new service, Alexa Web Search joins the power of Alexa's archive with Amazon's proven interface and feature set with Google's killer-app level searching power. The results are fairly impressive, adding a related sites layer that may actually help folks browsing the web (as opposed to direct searching). [via anil]
posted by mathowie on Apr 29, 2002 - 28 comments

Annoyance or Invasion?

Annoyance or Invasion? Sure, most of this information is available when you do a WHOIS search on someone, but does anyone else think that this site is putting a little bit too much information out in the open?
posted by almostcool on Nov 25, 2001 - 20 comments

According to an Alexa Research report,

According to an Alexa Research report, Web users are morons (entering URLs into search engines to get to sites) and perverts (most popular search term is "sex"). I, for one, am shocked.
posted by tregoweth on Feb 16, 2001 - 37 comments

Contact information viewable with Alexa toolbar?

Contact information viewable with Alexa toolbar? Disturbing. Anyone with the Alexa toolbar installed can apparently see your address and telephone number, along with helpful information like maps to your home. This information is in the public record, but providing it instantly can only lead to more stalking incidents. You may want to follow Leia's advice and visit Alexa.com's site editor to make sure you're protected.
posted by jmcnally on Jan 11, 2001 - 16 comments

If you use AltaVista's yellowpage listings, you may be letting Alexa know exactly where you live, where you're planning on flying, and who you talk to on the phone. This is so far beyond a simple breach of privacy. This is insane.
posted by mathowie on Feb 9, 2000 - 1 comment

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