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Political Science & Promiscuity

"The mind-set that invites a couple to use contraception is an anti-child mind-set," she told me. "So when a baby is conceived accidentally, the couple already have this negative attitude toward the child. Therefore seeking an abortion is a natural outcome. We oppose all forms of contraception." Don't even mention the mind-set behind a vaccine for HPV.
posted by missbossy on May 9, 2006 - 1194 comments

Rappin' Taliban

John Walker Lindh, Hip Hop MC? Before John Walker Lindh became the American Taliban, he hid his whiteness, excoriating wack MCs on Usenet hip-hop bulletin boards. Attracted to Islam after listening to hip hop influenced by the Five Percenter movement, he later abandoned rap to denounce Nas as a fake Muslim. An interesting, but previously unexamined side to the American jihadist.
posted by jonp72 on Sep 3, 2003 - 13 comments

american taliban

american taliban perhaps utah could do some sort of exchange with out of work minders in kandahar? nytimes link
posted by specialk420 on Feb 3, 2003 - 44 comments

Pakistani man denies having sex with Taliban American.

Pakistani man denies having sex with Taliban American. Not that there's anything wrong with it.
posted by msacheson on Sep 30, 2002 - 19 comments

Probably the most clearheaded editorial on the John walker case.

Probably the most clearheaded editorial on the John walker case. Though it may not be fashionable or politically correct to say it, Dan Kennedy has articulated my feelings on this issue quite well. It may be a few days old but this event still sticks in my craw, and my craw is full at the moment. IMO, this Walker is the creation of a deadly cocktail of affluence, over-indulgent parenting, psuedo-multi-culturalism run amok and a societal unwillingness to make any moral judgements whatsoever. The only good outcome of 9/11 is that maybe, just maybe that day snapped some of us out of that mindset for good.
posted by jonmc on Dec 7, 2001 - 69 comments

American Taliban

American Taliban
posted by SilentSalamander on Sep 20, 2001 - 8 comments

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