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You've got your Firefox in my Fat Agnus!

The Internet Archive's Amiga Software Collection -- runs emulated in the browser, so you don't even have to load Workbench!
posted by lkc on Aug 7, 2016 - 35 comments

Can I Toast Whole Wheat in That?

From July 2007 to April 2013, Arstechnica writer Jeremy Reimer wrote a series of articles covering the History of the Amiga. Now almost 3 years later, part 9 has been released. It covers the game changing (pun not intended but this is the Amiga) Video Toaster.
posted by juiceCake on Mar 18, 2016 - 38 comments

Les Guerriers de l’Ombre

But where much slavery media aims for education and humanity, Freedom wants blood. You kidnap slave drivers and set fire to their buildings. Freedom still shocks today, and that it debuted the same year as Super Mario Bros. 2 is almost unfathomable in the traditional framework of game history and culture.

Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness was a slave rebellion game for the Amiga, Atari ST, and PC by Afro-Caribbean developer Muriel Tramis. Screenshots at MobyGames, many of which are very evocative.
posted by ignignokt on Jan 6, 2016 - 4 comments

You came back to see us. We are so glad to see you.

A gorgeous essay on memory, mourning, weird forgotten forms of optimism, and emulating old computers.
posted by nebulawindphone on Nov 5, 2014 - 21 comments


The Amiga Cracktro Marathon. Part 2. Part 3. (What are cracktros?)
posted by kmz on May 27, 2014 - 8 comments

"Forensic Retrocomputing"

PITTSBURGH—A multi-institutional team of new-media artists, computer experts, and museum professionals have discovered a dozen previously unknown experiments by Andy Warhol (BFA, 1949) on aging floppy disks from 1985. [more inside]
posted by tonycpsu on Apr 24, 2014 - 21 comments

Does anybody remember The Juggler? The Amiga 500: now in your browser.

Christian Stefansen has made Amiga Workbench 1.3 available in Chrome via the Portable Native Client. For those of you rode on the third wheel of the 16-bit operating system wars, this is quite a treat, in addition to being a nifty proof-of-concept. More info on the technology here.
posted by grumpybear69 on Dec 12, 2013 - 18 comments

Warped Big Blues

Like the AmigaOS, TOS, and BeOS, IBM's OS/2 operating system's rise and fall gives insight into the current computing landscape.
posted by juiceCake on Nov 26, 2013 - 39 comments

This music station is fully operational

Mark Salud on YOURSELF presents.
posted by Algebra on Jan 26, 2013 - 1 comment

It's Spanish For Girlfriend

An Amiga computer emulated in your browser, complete with games and demos. [more inside]
posted by Bora Horza Gobuchul on Jan 2, 2013 - 54 comments

Shadow of the Bust

Sony is closing its Liverpool Studio, previously known as Psygnosis, developer of the WipeEout and Lemmings games (DHTML version, previously). The studio created games for 28 years, first gaining attention in the Amiga era for it's high production values and stunning box art (more, more ).
posted by Artw on Aug 22, 2012 - 55 comments

Athel the Griefmaster meets his public.

Probably the worst video game ever made. Part two. (DLYT, probably NSFW)
posted by Toby Dammit X on Aug 23, 2011 - 83 comments

Commodore Returns!!!

Anybody want to buy a brand newC-64? How about a VIC Pro? An Amiga 1000? Commodore USA has risen from the grave. [more inside]
posted by Chocolate Pickle on Apr 8, 2011 - 72 comments

First-Hand Gaming History, from Mike Dailly

Game programmer and designer Mike Dailly has been making games since he was 14, back in 1984. It was then that he met David Jones, Russell Kay and Steve Hammond at the Kingsway Amateur Computer Club, a group that gathered at Kingsway Technical College in Dundee, Scotland. These four chaps would go on to form DMA Design, home to Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto, amongst other games. Dailly has been sharing stories and materials from the archives of DMA, including The Complete History of DMA Design, The Complete History of Lemmings (previously), GTA prototypes, graphics and early game design docs (when it was called "Race 'n' Chase"), and more.... [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on Mar 24, 2011 - 16 comments

I hope he's still reaching for those rainbows

The Accrington Michael Jackson: Part One Part Two [more inside]
posted by mippy on Mar 7, 2011 - 9 comments

Nectarine Demoscene Radio

Nectarine Demoscene Radio streams Amiga demoscene music ("modules") 24-7. Registered users can queue up songs, comment and chat to each other with the "infamous oneliner". That's it.
posted by KMH on Sep 8, 2010 - 12 comments


The Amiga, 25 years later
posted by Artw on Jul 27, 2010 - 100 comments

My Amiga is crying, Fred Fish is Dead

Fred Fish Passed away April 20, 2007 If you were an Amigan, Fred Fish was well known to you. Responsible for the definitive archive of Amiga Freeware, Fred was the Santa Claus of software, his disks containing a selection of everything available for the Amiga at the time. Fish Disks inspired many an Amigan to purchase a modem and log on for all night bbs downloads of the vast selection available. Thanks and Rest in Peace Fred.
posted by djrock3k on Apr 24, 2007 - 38 comments

Rick Dangerous

Rick Dangerous remade in Flash.
posted by mr.marx on Nov 7, 2005 - 15 comments

... but will the World even notice?

Back from the dead? The first mainstream review of the new Amiga hits the 'web. It's taken several years (discussed here at the back-end of 2000) but finally there is new hardware and software available.
Will it set the world alight (again)? Who will replace Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol at the launch party? Will it need to (or be able to) compete with the new Macmini? And - perhaps more importantly - where are Amiga, Inc., and who are KMOS?
posted by Chunder on Jan 18, 2005 - 33 comments

Please insert disk 2

Old Amiga graphics demos recorded to Divx. These stuff was state of the art.
posted by Pretty_Generic on Mar 7, 2003 - 10 comments


THE AMIGA IS BACK! Why, oh why, did i throw out all my Amiga games. And it wasn't that long ago, that i did that either. Aaaaarrgh.
posted by Zool on Oct 25, 2000 - 11 comments

Giddy 3.

Giddy 3. Not to be confused with the other egg-centric Amiga 500 series of games, Codemaster's "Dizzy". Of course.
posted by holloway on Sep 29, 2000 - 1 comment

Maybe now Amiga fans will have something to rejoice about

Maybe now Amiga fans will have something to rejoice about now that Gateway has sold off the remaining rights to the name and hardware. I honestly didn't think that Gateway was ever going to do anything with Amiga in the first place. It was all probably a favor to someone to begin with.
posted by grant on Jan 3, 2000 - 0 comments

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