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The Anarchist Revival

David Graeber’s “The Democracy Project” and the anarchist revival. "Is the current arrangement of our democracy unstable? Should we start thinking about what might come next?"
posted by homunculus on May 5, 2013 - 61 comments


The Battle Over Zomia. "Scholars are enchanted by the notion of this anarchistic region in Asia. But how real is it?" [Previously]
posted by homunculus on Sep 5, 2011 - 33 comments

A for Anarchy

A for Anarchy: Exploring and enjoying the anarchism that many think was lost in the movie version of Alan Moore's V for Vendetta.
posted by homunculus on Apr 15, 2006 - 50 comments

Hakim Bey

An Anarchist in the Hudson Valley. A conversation with Peter Lamborn Wilson, better known as Hakim Bey (mentioned previously here,) the author of TAZ. [Via Cyborg Democracy.]
posted by homunculus on Aug 1, 2004 - 27 comments

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman, "Queen of the Anarchists."
posted by homunculus on Apr 12, 2004 - 16 comments

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